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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Roll Rates


Thread: Roll Rates

Message: Roll Rates

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From: Mark Stuart <woxoff at>

Date: Fri, 14 Mar 1997 16:36:31 UTC


  Our A150 roll rate was helped amazingly by installing fences at the tip. 
They are about 5" thick at the rear, and 3" at the front.  They are
especially helpfull at low speeds.  The other big help was, of course, gap
seals.  We've found the thing that stands up best to ozone, cold, heat etc,
is 3M leading edge tape.  It has been on our controls for 3 years as
compared to other tapes which lasted only about a year.  It is defineately
BIG change going from our Aerobat to a standard 150 oops, I mean standard
I also have an S1S with taped gap seals, the real big deal is taping the
rudder. Appearance is kept clean and weight is kept down by not having to
install the big rubber block type gap seal, also, simplicity is a big
factor. Apparently, it makes the 'small' rudder feel like the 'big'
rudder.  Gee, I wonder what the big rudder would feel like if it were taped

Mark Stuart
A150, C-GGUI


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