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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: vertigo


Thread: vertigo

Message: Re: vertigo

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From: ACROPAT at

Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 16:06:27 UTC


  ACROPAT at wrote:
> I am a Chapter 25 member, family physician, flight surgeon, and AME with
> an interest in the wobblies.  Attached to this note is a "wobblies"
> questionnaire. All information will be kept confidential and no names
> will be used in publication.  This information will be very helpful in
> determining the mechanism of injury/pathophysiology of the wobblies, and
> will help in the design of a research project. Your participation would
> be greatly appreciated.
> I am also in the process of obtaining funding for a cardiovascular study
> to investigate the effects of positive and negative G on heart rate,
> heart rhythm, and blood pressure in civilian aerobatic pilots. Subjects
> will be monitored continuously while riding as passengers in a Pitts
> S-2B, with G loads of +6 to -4. Adding a vertigo study to this should be
> simple.  Any subject experiencing vertigo during this study will be
> immediately evaluated by myself as well as a NASA neuroscientist. Those
> of you who have experienced the wobblies are probably not excited about
> inducing symptoms again, but if you are susceptible to vertigo under
> negative G loads and are willing to participate in this project, please
> contact me at <acropat at> or call 281-244-2039.
> Thanks for your help.

Patty Hilliard


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