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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Goldfish


Thread: Goldfish

Message: Goldfish

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From: TheRevBen at

Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 16:47:16 UTC


       Interesting how the mention of many subjects on e-mail triggers an
instant Pavlovian reaction. Interesting as well as constructive as in the
case of  figures 7.23.1. through 7.26.4 alias the "goldfish" 
     The Board ,as did The Rev Ben, seems to have bought in to criteria for
judging this figure which is not the best. What do most of our respondents
think is the best? 
     Once you realize the goldfish is just 1/2 of a lay down 8 there is no
problem. The Rev suggests that the Board declare that "the start and finish
of the figure and the bottom (or top if the figure is reversed) of the loop
must be at the same altitude. However the last 45 degree line may project
above or below the looping portion if there are rolls on the line. All part
loops shall have the same radii and any rolls must be centered on their
respective lines." 
      This squares with our rules on Family 8 found on page 99 of the red
Rule Book. Mr President Rihn said is succinctly. "We know how to grade lay
down 8's." 
       The Rev would urge the Board to immediately decide on this criteria if
it agrees with it and then declare through all publicity means possible that
it shall be used this year at all contest including Fdl and The Nationals. 
       What about the AWAC? Don't know. That is up to CIVA. However the Rev
does not agree with our good friend Alan Cassidy when he says that all 45
degree lines may be of any length and may differ one from another. 
      Why did the Rev Ben change his mind? When convincing thoughts and
evidence come to light he changes his mind. He hopes the Board will do so
Ben Lowell
Boulder, CO


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