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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Goldfish


Thread: Goldfish

Message: Re: Goldfish

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From: ACCassidy at

Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 19:35:30 UTC


  In a message dated 25-03-97  17:57:26, Ben Lowell wrote:

<<      Once you realize the goldfish is just 1/2 of a lay down 8 there is no
 problem. The Rev suggests that the Board declare that "the start and finish
 of the figure and the bottom (or top if the figure is reversed) of the loop
 must be at the same altitude. However the last 45 degree line may project
 above or below the looping portion if there are rolls on the line. All part
 loops shall have the same radii and any rolls must be centered on their
 respective lines."  >>

If you agree that the last 45 line may protrude if it carries rolls, then by
symmetry you must allow that the first 45 line may protrude if it carries
rolls, as any argument in favour of the former must also apply for the
latter.  Therefore you are forced to admit that, unless neither 45 line
carries a rolling element, the 45 lines may be of unequal length.

The criteria for Family 7, Horizontal 8s, as written only refer to protrusion
of the final 45 line because up until now there have been no horizontal 8s
with 45 lines at entry.  Now that the new horizontal 8s of new Families 7.27
to 7.38 are in the catalogue, the criteria will have to be changed to allow
start line protrusion when there are similar rolling elements thereon.

The wording of any judging criteria additions or changes MUST be made with
all the Catalogue changes in mind, not piecemeal, as we can see that there
are common threads running through several ofthe changed/additional figures
as well as links with Families 1 and 7.

Lastly, and not because I wish to be pedantic but because in judging accuracy
or terminology is vital, I must say I cannot agree that the "goldfish"
figures are just 1/2 of a laydown 8.  I think figure 8.41.1 is half a laydown
8, and I think that we call figure 8.42.1 half a cuban 8.  So the "Goldfish"
are more than half an 8, possibly 5/8ths of an 8 or even 3/4 of an 8, but not
1/2, we already have those.

Let's get plenty or thoughts aired here, so that all the logic is explored
before final decisions are made.

Alan Cassidy


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