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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: FW: Pitts Parts Needs

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: FW: Pitts Parts Needs


Thread: FW: Pitts Parts Needs

Message: FW: Pitts Parts Needs

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From: Mike Davis <davis at>

Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 17:32:22 UTC


Your best bet is buying lexan/polycarbonate from local plastics shop.
Cut it out and drill to fit.
Just bought some for $5 per ft2 1/16" (I think Spruce is cheaper   
be sure to overdrill (my old panels had just about *every* hole cracked   
re the latch, if you're talking about those little L-shaped springs, you   
can order from Aviat.
I threw those away and put an over-center type draw latch up over my   
head.  Much better.
davis at
S1E G-Whiz

From:  administrator[SMTP:administrator at]
Sent:  Wednesday, March 26, 1997 9:23 AM
To:  IAC
Subject:  Pitts Parts Needs

I'm looking for left and right factory canopy sliding rail latch for a
S-1 canopy. Also, any information on lexan side and belly window kits as
once sold by Massey Aviation in Deleno,CA.for Pitts


Thanks, Gary  E-mail  tailwind at


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