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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Last of the Goldfish

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Last of the Goldfish


Thread: Last of the Goldfish

Message: Last of the Goldfish

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From: TheRevBen at

Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 02:13:17 UTC


      The Rev Ben is reading from the uniquely American Indian Sitting Bull
rule book and Alan Cassiddy is reading from the uniquely British Guy Fawlks
rule book. Here in the Colonies we will not adopt Amendment 4 until next
year. It is not in our lexicon. This amendment is where Family 7 FAI_CAT
number will be changed and new /old horizontal 8's will be added bearing
numbers 7.19 through 7.38. It is in effect,or so I am told ,in Britain and
the rest of Europe even as we type. 
     The Rev is still not sure Alan's version of how to fly/judge the
goldfish will play in CIVA however we will leave that to his capable hands.
In the mean time we have a  contest in the States coming up on 3 Apr 97,again
on 10 Apr 97 and almost every week-end thereafter. As we say in Texas,"Time's
a wasten."  Word has come via tom-tom that the U.S. rule in re goldfish will
read something like this. 
     "The start and finish of the figure and the bottom(or the top if the
figure is reversed) of the loop must be at the same altitude.However the last
45 degree line may project above or below the looping portion if there are
multiple rolls on the line. All part loops shall have the same radii and the
two 45 degree lines are normally of the same length with any rolls thereon
placed in the center of the line." 
     The Rev would wager three buffalo bagels against an English pot pie that
words to this effect will be coming from the IAC Puzzle Palace and appear on
e-mail,Karen's May edition and be posted in many another place of rest. 
     Alan is certainly right. Palaver is necessary at CIVA and possible in
the US of A at the Fall Board meet. Although I believe the die is cast here
in the Colonies.
     And Alan. Please give my best regards to our mutual friends James Black
and Tony LLoyd and to yourself also.
Ben Lowell
Boulder, CO


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