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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Safety Comments Please


Thread: Safety Comments Please

Message: Safety Comments Please

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From: KKDiamond at

Date: Sat, 29 Mar 1997 05:03:35 UTC


Hi Friends,

I am working on the May issue of SPORT AEROBATICS, which will once again be a
“safety edition”. I am collecting data and compiling examples, etc. on
several topics and need input from IAC/aerobatic pilots. I can think of just
so many things by myself from behind this desk--surely I’ve missed something!
Any thoughts you have on these issues could be very important to someone
else--even if they seem minor to you. Please take a moment to read this post,
and consider sharing your thoughts and experience on any single one, part of,
or all of the questions. Your input is welcome and appreciated, whether it’s
a few words, a list, or a paragraph or two. 

If you respond to a specific topic, please reference it in your reply. (The
topic name is in CAPS). Send replies to KarenDiamond at OR
KKDiamond at Please include your name and IAC number (that will save me
time if you’ve provided an item of length that needs to be credited in the

Thanks in advance,
Karen Diamond

PS If you wish to contribute, but for whatever reason (say some embarrassing
incident, brain failure or broken FAR), wish to remain anonymous in the
magazine . . . NO PROBLEM, just let me know! (Your story will NEVER be
repeated by me.) Safety is everybody’s business, but WHO did what in the past
doesn’t matter. That we share our experience and insight however, DOES! I
want to make that possible for everyone.
Here goes . . .

Are there aircraft and equipment maintenance items you have seen go
unchecked, ignored, jerry-rigged, or otherwise improperly or unsafely
“un-dealt” with? In other words, what is your “gripe list” of things you see
other people do or not do in this area?

Now for your personal “top ten” list of half-wit flying, cowboy antics,
deviations from prudence and just plain buffoonery that you’ve seen committed
by other pilots? (No, you don’t have to give ten!)

In the May ‘96 safety edition of SA, IAC pilots talked about their personal
paradigms for safety. What are yours?

Is there a particular thing (or several) that you have consciously done or
changed recently to improve your own safety in aerobatic flying?

(Answers to the following questions may be based on your general knowledge,
first-hand experience or combination of the two.)
What are some “error-provocative” situations aerobatic pilots may experience?

What errors could have resulted or did result from these situations?

Can you give an example or description of a near-accident scenario caused by
a pilot error which had its roots in an error-provocative situation? 

Please indicate if the near-accident described above actually occurred or not
(yourself or someone you know?). 

(Following questions are for those with specific knowledge of an aerobatic
The immediate cause of a near-accident or accident can usually be attributed
to either a trigger event (the occurrence which sets off an accident
sequence) or a latent failure (a failed component which went undetected or
uncorrected until it is overstressed). Can you give some examples of these
components in an actual accident scenario of which you have knowledge?

Regarding the same incident you described, what was the root cause (basic
reason, that had it been corrected, the accident would not have occurred)?

Again regarding the same incident, what were the influencing factors (NOT
causes, and have no relation to the root cause, but factors which did have an
influence on the outcome)?  



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