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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: British Aerobatic Contest Results

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: British Aerobatic Contest Results


Thread: British Aerobatic Contest Results

Message: British Aerobatic Contest Results

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From: BAeA Information <info at>

Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 23:18:38 UTC


 News from the first contest of the 1997 season.......Gliders over
Dunstable Downs.


         Two Contests so far....... While the Glider fraternity 
organised outstanding weather,
 and a 'wicked wind', to introduce the inaugural contest of the 
year.........they proved to be
 deviously fiendish at predicting a wet and cloudy day for the 
following week at Leicester.

	 For at the Icicle & Surprise Trophy not one of them was to be seen, 
save the
 presence of Stefan 'with or without engine' Kwiecien who, after 
perfecting his Pitts
 'High Glide into ploughed fields' figure over the winter, tried his 
hand at real 'un-powered '
 aircraft , and found himself, flushed with sucess as a 5-hour K-21 
driver and proud
 custodian of the DAN SMITH TROPHY, ready to do battle with the noisy 
dogs ! .
 At least this time he had an engine, although it couldnt blow away 
those low clouds and
 drizzle which saw less than one third compete in the first power 
contest of the year .
  But if you want to know more.......join us, and see the bi-monthly 
news review..............
 ......sign up now....

 The Dan Smith Memorial Trophy
 London Gliding Club, Dunstable,
 Bedfordshire, England  		Held on : 30th March 1997

 Final result - ALL Levels

    Pilot                         Type   Known I    Known 2  Unknown 
   O/all%  Total
 1. Guy Westgate      ASK-21  5612.0      5902.5     7078.0  74.669 
 2. Stefan Kwiecien    ASK-21  6070.0      5773.0     6509.0  73.703 
 3. Sam Mummery     ASK-21  5828.5      5614.5    6195.0   70.835 
 4. Ian Tunstall          ASK-21  6360.5       5604.0    5325.5 
  69.438    17290.0
 5. Debbie Bilham      ASK-21  5394.5      5285.5    6236.5   67.938 
 6. Chris Cain	       ASK-21  4921.5      5532.0     5812.5   65.325 
 7. John Bastin	       ASK-21  3890.0       4926.5   6430.5    61.233 
 8. Jerry Beringer      ASK-21  4456.0      4458.0    4895.0    55.458 
 9. Ashley Benjamin ASK-21  2877.0       3979.0    2756.5    38.604 
10. Ray Stoward      ASK-21  3520.0       3609.5    2385.0    38.211 
11. Bill Craig	      ASK-21     0.0         1575.5    1237.5    11.297 

 Awards -
 Overall winner    	-   Guy Westgate - BAeA Gold Medal
 Winner in Sports Class - Stefan Kwiecien - Dan Smith Trophy
 Second overall             - Stefan Kwiecien - BAeA Silver Medal
 Third overall	          - Sam Mummery     - BAeA Bronze Medal

 Contest Director -      Jim Duthie
 Chief Judge      -       Chris Pollard
 Judges           -         Dick Happ, Brian Webberley, Ben Ellis
                                Gareth Roberts
 Scorer           -          Nick Buckenham

 The ICICLE & Surprise Trophy Contest, was effectively rained off,
 after only 8 or so flights. The Advanced contestants, who failed
 to fly at this meeting will get another opportunity incorporated
 into the late Easter 'Klingon' Extrvaganza on April 18/19th at 
 Highest score in the Intermediate 'Icicle Surprise' at the end of the 
 day was Nick Bloom in his venerable STAMPE SV4C 'Plums & Custard'

 Gareth Roberts

 Director, Press & Public Relations
 British Aerobatic Association Ltd.
 'Hirons' 25, Olney Rd., Emberton, Olney,
 Bucks MK46 5BX
 Tel:01234-713245  Email: inof at

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