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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Elimination of Aerobatic Box

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Elimination of Aerobatic Box


Thread: Elimination of Aerobatic Box

Message: RE: Elimination of Aerobatic Box

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From: Leslie Eversole <acrohead at>

Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 22:05:06 UTC


  Steve, Patty, Dave, Doug, Daryle, and anyone else
who spoke out in favor of keeping the 
"Box" --------AMEN.

The analogies in some of these post are EXCELLENT reasons
for keeping the "BOX".

This "stuff" we do is fun, AND competitive! How could you possibly
make this work without a box?

Lets look at some senarios.....

I decide to fly about a mile away from the judges.
I get GROOVY scores cause I'm so far away thay cannot
see some of the MAJOR deviations I'm flying!
I can, because if you place ANY restrictions on how
far away a pilot can be from the judging line, then you have
made a "boundary"or "box".

Once competitors start performing contest acro over someone's house,
and they may very well, because no emphasis will be placed
on which way to turn for 1/4 rolls, etc., I think the FEDS will be
very interested in coming to our contests.

How would you get an airspace waiver for an entire county?
"...well, we shouldn't be flying anywhere near that neighborhood,
but I can't guarantee it."

You could have minimum altitudes for different catagories, but 
not maximums...(your trying to make "boundaries" or "boxes" again)

I could ramble on forever but hopefully you get the idea...we cannot
and should not have contests without marked boundaries.

I don't understand how the Italians can up the positioning score.
What is the basis for positioning if not a "Box", distances between
manuvers? I don't think a SUKHOI can draw the same lines as an AEROBAT
between figures!!!! Centered "close" the airport? I don't think my idea
of "close" and Patty's would be the same. Let us know how it works...

Our One Design Contest is next Saturday. I, along with many others,
have to go to Edna and tromp through Texas mud, (which is so sticky
you can't even describe it), and fight the giant mosquitoes, (they have
been known to carry away small animals), and wrestle with the GIANT
Mutant Jackson Co Spiders (EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas). 
I would love to get out of it, but it is an ESSENTIAL part of a contest!

I better cut this short before someone calls me Don.(no offense Don) <hehe>

Leslie Eversole
Chapter 25
Houston TX


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