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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Elimination of aerobatic box

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Elimination of aerobatic box


Thread: Elimination of aerobatic box

Message: Elimination of aerobatic box

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From: Salvadori Luca <lsalvadori at>

Date: Tue, 15 Apr 1997 10:40:21 UTC


Hi IAC'ers,

Well, it seems I launched a retarded-explosion bomb!
Anyway, just to keep the discussion far from religion wars, just consider 
the points below.

A - It's no matter how you make the rules: the best pilot wins.
B - It's no matter of keeping the box or not: the real issue is keeping line 
judges (and box penalties). I obviously agree that a well-drawn box is fine 
and useful, but we have to face with reality. Reality says what Jim Klick 
said, i.e. tens of peoples to make a contest, sometimes more ground crew 
than competitors.
B - The real issue is money and time. We cannot continue depleting 
volunteers reserves to keep a complicated rule running. Not to mention FAA 
waivers to draw the box, orography, fights with farmers, etc.
C - If you keep boundary judges, you as a competitor may pretend that line 
judging is fair and consistent regardless of location and organizers. This 
is very, very difficult to achieve when you have to capture volunteers "on 
the fly" among wives, spectators, friends and whoever you see walking on the 
apron. Thus, you would need to create a specialized "Line Judges Corps", 
which adds difficulty both to IAC (or CIVA, it's the same...) and 
D - Sense of space is a key factor. I fly (so far) Intermediate on a CAP-20, 
and usually (as my Unlimited-Category masters told me) I watch carefully 
where judges are, and fly accordingly. Box is a nice feature and helps, but 
adds nothing to a good flight nor influences judges, since they see no box 
from their location. Obviously, one has no advantage in flying his sequence 
on another airport, and in this case box wouldn't help. My instructor said 
"Fly ahead, and be sure of your position".
E - Regarding CIVA, it's a fact that every year box withdrawal is proposed 
and rejected, but it's a fact as well that this concept is growing in 
opinion, and in votes as well. It's only matter of waiting, then, I believe, 
force of facts will emerge.
F - Final conclusion: It's better to have simpler, better organized, less 
costly contests (regardless of continent) than huge, complicated, 
dollar-eating ones.

This is my 2 Cents. Please consider that I didn't mention public, or 
sponsors, or category.


     Luca Salvadori
     European Correspondent - Sport Aerobatics
     Team Manager - Italian Aerobatic Team
     Milan, Italy

P.S. - Here in Europe we're more airshows-oriented, they say. I believed the 
opposite, since best (and most crowded) airshows are held in USA. Last 
airshow here was blocked by environmentalists ("Green") sitting on the 
runway: they say we kill mosquitoes and make noise.


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