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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Aerobatic Boxes in General


Thread: Aerobatic Boxes in General

Message: Aerobatic Boxes in General

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From: Mark Hunsaker <hunsaker at>

Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 22:24:00 UTC


  I found 23 messages on the net when I got home tonight re: KEEPING THE
AEROBATIC BOX.  I have known and flown with several of the authors of
these "pearls of wisdom" and, other than agreeing with the KEEP THE BOX
sentiment, I was shocked at the clarity of these written arguments.  I
never see the intelectual side of you guys at the airport.  I think that
about does it for the "dump the box" debate.  However, my rebuttal to
the "dump the box" follows, to wit:

We only fly over open ocean here in Hawaii and consider it a real treat
to fly over the brown and green stuff on the mainland.  It is even more
fun when the brown and green stuff has white corners marked on it. 
Trying to keep an Extra 300 within the confines of these corners marked
in white has provided an endless source of amusement to not only me as a
pilot, but the other competitors and line judges.  Having fun and being
amused is a major continuing goal in many of our lives.  I fly "near
perfect 10 maneuvers" regardless of the sequence when practicing over
the blue stuff of the mid pacific.  Not so when flying over the brown
and green stuff with the white corners.  That takes skill and practice.  

Diverting attention to the work involved in setting up and operating the
aerobatic box as well as the the horrible unfairness to the workers (as
opposed to debating the intent of the box ) is a maneuver that "Slick
Willie Clinton" would be proud to have authored himself.  What is
obviously called for here is to "reinvent government" of the IAC.  GOD

hunsaker at


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