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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Aerobatic Box Debate - Yet again...

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Aerobatic Box Debate - Yet again...


Thread: Aerobatic Box Debate - Yet again...

Message: Aerobatic Box Debate - Yet again...

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From: "Drew Lundgren" <acrodrew at>

Date: Sat, 12 Apr 1997 12:00:29 UTC


  Keep the box.  This is not an issue of whether or not pilots can fly
sequences within the confines of the box.  Look at the thread of messages -
pilots of the fire breathing super planes are wanting to keep the box.  I
fly one of those high performance planes and am more often hurt by outs
than benefited by my competitor's outs.  I want to keep the box.  Get off
the high power vs. low power stuff - its not part of this debate except
when the issue is raised by those wanting to keep the box who think the
vote for elimination is by those with big engines.

As others have stated, the boundaries are another aspect of competition.  I
agree with Don Peterson that this is the line that divides prescriptive
geometry and very controlled competition from that which is more like dance
or figure skating.  Although if you'll look closely, even dance and figure
skating competitions have boundaries - physical and often very hard
boundaries (now there's a solution to our problems).

Chapter 25 hosts at least three competitions each year.  That means that
six times each year we have people trudging through farmer Brown's field
(really!) putting down or picking up box markers.  Its a lot of work.  We
see the same thing across the country.  Its a lot of work - but it gets
done except in those rare cases where a buoyant corner marker might be
needed.  Thus, I don't think the argument about being too much trouble is

The box demands discipline from pilots who want to fare well in
competition.  Discipline is a large part of aerobatic competition and the
box provides an element of discipline that cannot come from only flying
individual figures well.

The one thing I am in favor of is a bigger buffer zone - most of my outs
are only a few feet!

Drew Lundgren, Pres. IAC 25.


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