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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC] Accidents


Thread: [IAC] Accidents

Message: Re: [IAC] Accidents

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From: RHF Spencer <gwiz at>

Date: Sat, 17 Jul 1999 13:58:33 UTC


  Hi Jim et all,  

I read Andy's letter as well and can understand where he is coming from.
Suffice to say that each pilot must evaluate their capabilities
realistically and take appropriate action.  If a pilot routinely
practices at 6500 agl and actually can win at competitions, then he must
be doing something right.  

Conversely...I have always made a point of knowing the bottom line in
recovery and not relied on either overly conservative or marginal

For example: As part of the pre-flight, density altitude should be
computed each and every time.  For each 1000 feet above field elevation
I add 100 feet to the hard deck, which will determine my sequence entry

However, it is the combination of experience, training and capability
that should determine the individuals comfort zone.  

To cut to the chase...if you don't feel comfortable with it...don't do
it.  Recall, however the old military adage "Train like you fight, Fight
like you train".  For me personally this rings true, if I want to win I
have to practice the sequence at the correct competition altitudes.

I Would never try a NEW or unpracticed maneuver at anything less than 
5000 agl until I had done it to the point of comfort and predictability,
especially addressing the aspects of recovery if it was botched.  

Aerobatic Training is DIFFERENT than practicing for competition and
should not be confused.  Hopefully, no one is "training" on a maneuver
while practicing a sequence at competition altitudes!!!  

Therefore, I think that there is a major distinction between "training"
and "practice".  If I can presume that is Andy's point, then he is
absolutely correct im my opinion.

Regards, -Ron Spencer-
See you at Sullivan!

James E. Wells wrote:
> When we come into this sport, we are told two things; safety first and
> practice a lot.  I think that they are both good advise and that 6-8000
> feet AGL is a perfectly reasonable place for the two to meet.
> Jim Wells
> IAC #20352
> UAC-200 Scrappy
> "Ailerons make the world go round!"


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