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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Alternative Box Markers


Thread: Alternative Box Markers

Message: Alternative Box Markers

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From: Eric Rood <ericrood at>

Date: Sun, 13 Apr 1997 12:23:38 UTC


  Having been a past contest director and the person who was out in the
field determining corner/center locations, I offer this idea.  Use gps to
locate the points.  This can be done by averaging the dither displayed on
a handheld gps unit and locate a point without the use of traditional
surveying equipment.  Once the points are located, use helium balloons of
3-4 feet in diameter staked/tethered to the ground  (color optional).  I
don't know of a source for the balloons, but I have seen enough of the
kind I am thinking of floating above car dealerships to know that they are
readily available.  Simple corkscrew anchors would suffice.  Once the
points are located, a five pound bag of lime poured into a hole dug into
the dirt will allow convient relocation in the future.  Comments and
critisisms welcome.

Eric Rood
ericrood at


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