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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: TBL or not TBL (fwd)


Thread: TBL or not TBL (fwd)

Message: TBL or not TBL (fwd)

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From: "Tom R. Myers" <Tom_Myers at>

Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 03:06:48 UTC


  the tbl software does implement an extremely valuable function: it
normalizes the judge's scores. that is, it adjusts the scores so
all judges have the same mean (average), and standard deviation (span).
this process insures that each judge's scores count in the same
proportion to the final outcome. thus, judges with very high scores
will not dominate judges with low scores.

after that, a system like toss the high and low scores has some real
advantages. first, everyone understands it. second, it is a form of
figure-by-figure comparison, which is a much more statistically
accurate process than total-by-total comparison. third, all scores
could stand, eliminating many zeroed figure arguments at the judges
line, and in the contest jury room.

i would be very happy with a normalized, toss the high and low, scoring
system. tom.

Tom R. Myers
tomm at


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