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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: TBL or not TBL


Thread: TBL or not TBL

Message: Re: TBL or not TBL

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From: "Drew Lundgren" <acrodrew at>

Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 05:04:06 UTC


  TBL does something very important - it recognizes and removes bias.  Let's
keep it.  Yes, I understand what the Red Book has to say about TBL,
including the underlying algorithms.  Just because we don't understand
something doesn't mean we should not trust it.  When I fly my airplane I
don't understand some of the complex design work on the structure, such as
harmonics or tensors, but I still fly it.  As for the leader board idea -
its great for golf and would be good for this sport if combined with TBL. 
What would make it even more fun is to watch a highly ranked pilot early in
the flight drop back when sufficient scores had been collected to
demonstrate bias by one or more judges that had earlier favored the pilot. 
There would be several red faces, and it wouldn't be from too much sun!

> Another thing to kick around. Should we do away with the TBL system and
> back to something we can all understand, such as throw out the high and
> judge for each flight? I think we should.
> Before you make a snap decision, turn to Appendix II of the Red Book
> 111), and study it thoroughly. If you don't know what the heck they are
> talking about, why should you support it? Everyone can understand the
> and low" system.  Both systems are designed to minimize errors due to
> subjective and biased judging, and who can say which one is most
accurate? In
> this computer age we blindly assume that if it went through a computer,
it is
> right. That is not necessarily so.


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