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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: AWAC judged flights


Thread: AWAC judged flights

Message: AWAC judged flights

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From: "Damon Wack" <lomcevak at>

Date: Sat, 03 May 1997 13:46:52 UTC


  Speaking of unknowns, I just got the new rules for international contests,
and I thought some of you may be interested in some of the differences.

At the AWAC there will be five flights, four (Programmes 1-4) of which will
count toward the final score.  The first flight (Programme Q) is the 1997
Advanced known, which is scored, but does not count toward the World
Championship, and is flown only as a qualiflying flight.  To qualify for
Programmes 1-4, you must fly a 60% or better in this flight.

The second flight, (Programme 1) is the freestyle and is open to all
competitors who qualify in Program Q.  The third flight (Programme 2) is
the 1st compulsory unknown which will be open to all competitors in
Programme 1.  The fourth flight (Programme 3) is the 2nd compulsory unknown
and will be open to a minumum of the highest placed 25 competitors from
Programmes 1&2, subject to jury discretion.  The fifth and final flight
(Programme 4) is the 3rd compulsory unknown and will be open to a minimum
of the 10 highest placing competitors after Programme 3, subject to jury

In Advanced, World Champions will be declared in the Freestyle category
(winner of Programme 2), the Unknown category (winner of Programmes 2-4),
and the overall World Advanced Champion (winner of Programmes 1-4).  The
Team Championship will be determined by the highest total number of points
in Programmes 1-4 from the three highest individual scores of each team.

The Unlimited rules are similar, the known being a qualiflying flight, and
the final flight (Programme 4) is the four minute free, instead of  a 3rd
unknown.  Also, except for the qualiflying flight, there is no further cut
except for the four minute, which is recommended to be the top 25% of
Programmes 1-3, with a maximum of 20, subject to jury discretion.  As has
been in the recent past, Programme 4 is still scored as a separate event.

I think I like these rules, I have not become enamored of the 1997 Advanced
known (sorry Alan!)<G>, and flying three unknowns should be challenging,
and could very well shuffle things around a good bit! Here's hoping for a
week of great weather this July!



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