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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Competition questions


Thread: Competition questions

Message: Re: Competition questions

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From: DSowder at

Date: Tue, 06 May 1997 15:35:54 UTC


Regarding wind correction in a loop, you need to correct for wind on the
X-axis so that the loop appears round to the judges. So, if you're flying
into a fairly strong wind, you need to pull into the loop a little less hard,
but float a little less over the top, etc. If there's a cross box wind
component, you'll blow sideways. The judges probably won't see this. You need
to have your wings square with the box when vertical up and down, and wings
level when inverted and when returning to upright. The judges aren't just
looking at the center of mass; they're looking at the wings.
The judges won't see up to about 5 degrees of crab, but the trick is in
getting the correction in and out in such a way that they won't see it. It
would be impossible (I think) for you to learn the technique on your own in
the next week or so; my meager ability to do this has cost me a lot of time
and money to learn, and I'm still no expert. However, if there is an
opportunity to do some flying in the box, consider the easiest correction:
Say you do a hammerhead at one end of the box, and an immelman at the other.
On the downline after the hammer, be sure your wings are square with the box.
Start your pull out, then very gently roll the wings toward the side of the
box you wish to head towards (this would often be into any cross-box
component). Roll only about 5 degrees, and use a little rudder as
appropriate. This will head you toward a bit of a crab. As you pull to
horizontal, smoothly roll the wings level. Don't let 'em see this. Now you'll
be crabbing, either correcting for wind or actually moving slightly cross
box. Now, as you begin your pull for the immelman at the other end, pull with
wings level. Gently roll in a little aileron so that by the time you are
vertical up, the wings are again square with the box. If you rolled a bit to
your right pulling out of the hammer, you need to roll a little right aileron
in as you approach vertical on the immelman to square the wings with the end
of the box, as an example. Now, you must keep them square, as the correction
technique on top of looping manouvers is too complex for me to describe. With
luck, you can teach yourself enough correction technique just on the pull
outs to do some good.
Remember, cheating is just fine as long as the judges don't see it. The whole
idea is to create the illusion of perfect figures. The judges aren't looking
at you from end box. A pilot who really has a handle on these subtle
corrections can move from one side of the box to the other at will, and the
judges can never see him or her do it. All they notice is that sometimes the
pilot is closer to them, but don't know how it happened.
With luck, there won't be much wind at your first contest. And of course, you
can adjust where you start in the box to help, as well. Hope this helps.
Doug Sowder


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