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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Bluff Stuff


Thread: Bluff Stuff

Message: Re: Bluff Stuff

Follow-Up To: ACRO Email list (for List Members only)

From: Don Peterson <autotech at>

Date: Mon, 12 May 1997 02:35:32 UTC


  Drew Lundgren wrote:
> Don, you wrote.....
> >
> > Phone numbers of motels will be posted this weekend as well, but we
> recommend the Best
> > Western on Hwy 84 in Waco.  Good hot tub.
> >
> Well, I'm waiting.
> Drew

Hmm.  Must not have had any Mother's day stuff to tend to.

Hotels at the Bluff could be a bit of a problem, but with patience and 
perseverenc, everyone should get a room.  Baylor neglected to call me 
before scheduling their graduation (same date last year was not a 
conflict), so all the hotels in Waco are booked.  At least for Friday.  
We have not made an exhaustive calling effort to them all to see about 
Saturday, but the ones we did call were booked.

The options, are this.

1.  For those arriving on Saturday, our preference is the Lighthouse B&B. 
 The in-room libraries tend a bit toward Oral Roberts, but the homemade 
cinnamon rolls are outrageous, and the sheer quantity of "table pooty" 
makes it worth the gawk.  On Kurt's 3 star list of time warp visits.  
They have no rooms left on Friday, but about 5 left for Saturday.  They 
are in McGregor, so it is a short drive from the Banquet.  817 840 2683

2.  Little Country Inn, in Eddy.  Not very far South.  We haven't stayed 
there, but it is recommended as a nice B&B.  817 853 2498

3.  Be My Guest B&B.  15-20 miles South.  817 776 6708

4.  La Quinta.  Temple.  817 771 2980

5.  Holiday Inn, Temple  817 770 1100

6.  Best Western, Temple  817 778 5511

7.  Fairfield, Temple    817 771 3030

8.  Brazos Air will allow us to use their bunk-room and shower.  They 
have two bunks, plus three of four sleepable couches.  VCR, TV, popcorn 
machine.  As we say, sleeps 5, recreates 10.

9.  I have not had a chance yet to check out the town of Valley Mills, 
which would be closer than Temple, but slightly farther than Waco.  It 
looks big enough on the map to have a Motel or two.  I will be checking 

Friday is only a qualification and practice day, and just how do you plan 
to practice for the unknowns?  Briefing is at 10AM SHARP on Saturday.

We need volunteers to show up about 11:00 to 12:00 on Friday to help lay 
out the corner markers (to be used for orientation only).  We cannot fly 
the qualification flights until they are in place.

For most aircraft, it is about 30 minutes up to our place in Dallas.  If 
anybody wants to arrive Friday, but just can't find a place or want to 
sleep at Brazos, we can offer our apartment, car, and local Best Western.

Tomorrow night, I will be posting additional results on calls to Valley 
Mills, and perhaps Gatesville.

The B&B's are the best best, and probably most comfortable.  Stay tuned 
for more developments.

Don Peterson
Midlothian, Tx.


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