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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Education and Weenies


Thread: Education and Weenies

Message: Education and Weenies

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Date: Mon, 12 May 1997 13:56:34 UTC


In Allyson's last post, she include the following:

The biggest problem is that people won't become judges

To me, this is very true.  Secondly, and just as important, many of our 
members no very little about what is in our "Red Book".
In my opinion, the IAC "red book", Official Contest Rules, lacks the 
recognition it deserves.  In fact, many of our members have never read this 
little book and may think that it is only for contest officials,  judges and 
competitors, in that order.  A couple of years ago, a good friend of mine, who 
has been competing for at least 10 years, overheard a conversation concerning 
"achievement awards" and  turned to me and asked, "What is he talking about?"  

Indeed, it is true that contest officials and judges need to be and are 
familiar with the "red book."  Competitors should be familiar with it, but in 
many cases, they are weak in their knowledge of its contents.  Then we have 
members who are unable to compete.........for a number of good reasons.  My 
contention is that they too should be knowledgeable about the "red book" 
contents.  Knowledgeable in a way that allows them to become familiar with 
such topics as:
the aerobatic box, the X and Y axes, Aresti symbols, qualifications for 
forms A, B and C, flight programs, contest operations, grading procedure
fundamental judging criteria, allowable figures for unknowns, achievement 
awards program, etc.

Even if they are only a by-stander or observer of this wonderful sport, each 
member of the IAC should have a "red book" in their possession.  I submit that 
a set of questions be designed which could  later be compiled into a  booklet. 
This set of questions would then be available to all members, new and old, to 
use as a study guide while becoming familiar with the "red book."  I can even 
see developing a "RED BOOK PATCH" to be given to all members who have answered 
the questions in the booklet.  

Becoming familiar with the "red book" would show members the many areas where 
they could be a "volunteer" at a  contest. 

By the way,  I understand where Damon is coming from.  I saw Damon do his 
first sportsman contest and he jumped into his "red book" with the same 
enthusiasm and became a judge very quickly.  He is certainly no Weenie.  At 
our last contest, a former National(ADV) champion was asked to judge more than 
his share which resulted in near heat stroke and he was unable to fly.  
Looking back, I know we should have gone to a 3 judge line.  Also, I think 
that when a competitor's investment climbs towards $200,000 and above, he/she 
expects more from themselves than to just have a fun week-end. There are only 
a few Phil Knights around. 

Paul Logue
Chapter 3




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