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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Education and Red Book Revitalization

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Education and Red Book Revitalization


Thread: Education and Red Book Revitalization

Message: Education and Red Book Revitalization

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From: "Brian K. Howard" <BK at>

Date: Mon, 12 May 1997 15:37:19 UTC



Excellent point about the need for everyone in the sport to have *at least*
a passing familiarity with the Rule Book. The requirement for contest
officials and judges to know the Rule Book intimately are obvious, but many
non-judge competitors fail to realize the value of knowing the rules at
least as well as your average judge. 

Part of the problem of getting more folks to delve into the Rule Book is
the lack of "user friendliness" [a phrase I despise, but everyone
understands] of the current publication. At the last IAC BOD meeting, a
proposal by Bob Minkus of Chapter 58 to redesign the "Red Book" was
approved and I appointed chairperson of what we now call the 'Red Book
Revitalization Committee.' The goals of this committee will be detailed in
the SA July HEADS UP! column, but in general, the current Red Book will be
enlarged to the same size page size as the FAI Catalogue, confusing
phraseology cleaned up, illustrations added where appropriate to help
explain certain concepts (especially judging criteria), and the whole
layout redesigned and updated for easier access and readability using Bob's
expertise in graphic design.

To jump the gun a little on my July column, I am soliciting inputs from all
IAC members for sections of the Red Book where they find the wording
confusing or ambiguous AND HOW YOU WOULD SUGGEST FIXING those sections.
Please keep in mind that we cannot CHANGE any rule, that will follow the
standard rule change proposal process, but only seek to better explain the
rules and guidelines currently in place. I am also seeking nominations for
additions to the Glossary. The Glossary is extremely important to those of
you new to the sport and if you can't find the definition for a word or
phrase you've been hearing on the flight line or at your meetings, it is a
definite contender for the Glossary. 

Suggested areas of change and Glossary additions (or deletions) should be
e-mailed directly to me.

Paul, your other point about non-competitors (both pilot and not) enjoying
the sport more if they have a basic knowledge of contest rules, judging
criteria, etc., is also well taken. The Chapter 34 Judges School has long
advertised its applicability to everyone in the sport from judge to
spectator and other judges' schools are beginning to do the same (for
example, Chapter 88's school I just taught in Michigan.) If you're already
not doing it, I strongly encourage every Chapter which has a Judges' School
to advertise its usefulness and advantages to *all* constituents of the sport.

Brian (BK) Howard
Red Book Revitalization Committee Chairperson
(as well as a few other things)

At 01:59 PM 5/12/97 UT, you wrote (in part):
>Secondly, and just as important, many of our 
>members no very little about what is in our "Red Book".
>In my opinion, the IAC "red book", Official Contest Rules, lacks the 
>recognition it deserves.  In fact, many of our members have never read this 
>little book and may think that it is only for contest officials,  judges and 
>competitors, in that order.  A couple of years ago, a good friend of mine,
>has been competing for at least 10 years, overheard a conversation
>"achievement awards" and  turned to me and asked, "What is he talking
>Indeed, it is true that contest officials and judges need to be and are 
>familiar with the "red book."  Competitors should be familiar with it, but
>many cases, they are weak in their knowledge of its contents.  Then we have 
>members who are unable to compete.........for a number of good reasons.  My 
>contention is that they too should be knowledgeable about the "red book" 
>contents.  Knowledgeable in a way that allows them to become familiar with 
>such topics as:
>the aerobatic box, the X and Y axes, Aresti symbols, qualifications for 
>forms A, B and C, flight programs, contest operations, grading procedure
>fundamental judging criteria, allowable figures for unknowns, achievement 
>awards program, etc.
>Even if they are only a by-stander or observer of this wonderful sport, each 
>member of the IAC should have a "red book" in their possession.  I submit
>a set of questions be designed which could  later be compiled into a
>This set of questions would then be available to all members, new and old,
>use as a study guide while becoming familiar with the "red book."  I can
>see developing a "RED BOOK PATCH" to be given to all members who have
>the questions in the booklet.  
>Becoming familiar with the "red book" would show members the many areas
>they could be a "volunteer" at a  contest. 
>Paul Logue
>Chapter 3

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