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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: UPT, training in So.Cal.

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: UPT, training in So.Cal.


Thread: UPT, training in So.Cal.

Message: UPT, training in So.Cal.

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From: "Rob Riley" <rriley at>

Date: Sun, 18 May 1997 21:41:04 UTC


  I am writing seeking advice and/or information.

An Air Force friend of mine just got his flight slot. He has his
Commercial/Multi/Instrument and Rotorcraft, but has zero time in aerobatic
aircraft. He will be sent to Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) in late
June, but will be in So. Cal. the 1st-7th of June to do some training.

He would like to do some primary training, but would also like to get some
time in something like a T-3 (a low-wing, 260hp constant speed trainer).
Other than a Zlin, is there a comparable aircraft in the area (So. Cal.)
that he might split time in? I have scheduled him to fly with Tim 4 times
in two days in the Decathalon(s). I think this will help a lot with
attitude awareness and coordination. However, the T-3 and Decathalon are
probably very different animals, and I would like to get him up in a
low-wing of 200+ hp. 

For any of you with a Pitts or Extra ticket, would you be willing to take
him up sometime during that week? He is happy to split time- he just wants
to be as prepared as possible for UPT, and both of these types can
outperform the T-3. He has flown the Block-40 F-16D, so I am not too
worried about his G-Tolerance or basic piloting skills. He is a great guy,
and would be very grateful for any advice or ride-shares anyone can

Thanks is advance for any feedback.

Rob Riley


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