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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: 1997 Okie Twist-Off

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: 1997 Okie Twist-Off


Thread: 1997 Okie Twist-Off

Message: 1997 Okie Twist-Off

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From: "Allyson Parker-Lauck" <princess at>

Date: Sun, 18 May 1997 23:21:08 UTC


  Hi everybody,

I am going to be the "Chief Judge" this year at the Okie Twist-Off in
Stillwater, OK, on May 30-31, 1997.  As usual, we are expecting this to be
a big contest, and I want to try to set the judges line up as early as
possible.  If you are planning to attend, and are on the current IAC
Approved Judges List, could you please reply to me directly (not through
the exploder) ASAP?  My email address is princess at  Please
send your name, IAC number, category preference, and if you're flying let
me know what category.  Thanks in advance.

Also, my hubby is going to once again do the "chick job" and be volunteer
coordinator (before the weekend is up, we may even be able to force him to
wear the skirt he received at the banquet last year!).  If you're going to
attend and aren't a judge, but have a particular job you like to do, let
him know ahead of time.  His name is Terry Lauck, and his email address is:
 s1ttboy at  Thanks again in advance.

As always, the Twist-Off promises to be an outstanding contest.  The plans

Thursday night:  Dinner hosted by Fred and Melissa DeLacerda at Delta
Friday:  Briefing time ? (contact contest director Ray Gill  at  (405)
Friday night:  BBQ
Saturday:  Briefing time ? (See above)
Saturday night:  Banquet at Best Western

Most everyone will stay at the Best Western, Stillwater (405) 377-7010. 
Mention that you are with the IAC.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Allyson Parker-Lauck
145 Viola Avenue
Ponca City, OK  74601
Phone/Fax:  (405) 762-3814


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