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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Blind Man's Bluff and Ramping

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Blind Man's Bluff and Ramping


Thread: Blind Man's Bluff and Ramping

Message: Blind Man's Bluff and Ramping

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From: Don Peterson <autotech at>

Date: Wed, 21 May 1997 04:02:40 UTC


  A more detailed and hopefully entertaining report will follow, but I was 
prompted by the "Orange" comments to note that our Fed at the Bluff also 
ramped everyone.

In truth, he was not intrusive nor difficult, although his overall 
pedantic attitude matched his admitted time with the FAA (less than 1 
year).  We assigned our chapter master of military diplomacy (translate 
that how you will), who did a first rate job of mesmerizing the fed with 
an ultra-cooperative attitude and effort to include him in all the 
processes.  He even drug the fed out to the judges line for a full 
category flight, showing him what that experience is like in a central 
Texas sun at 88 degrees and 90 percent humidity.

There were no negative repercussions, and contrary to the reg cited in 
the Orange post, my objections to 100 percent ramping only goaded him 
into explaining how he was "required to do it by his job".

We ran an OK show, I guess, because after two days of looking everything 
over, he skipped showing up Sunday.  Sadly, his possible attendance was 
cited by many as one of their reason for not wanting to fly under a 2,500 
ft overcast.  There were other better reasons certainly, but it was the 
first time I have heard people seriously express concern about being 
busted for sneaking slightly closer than 500 feet to the bottom of a 
scattered layer.  No endorsement either pro or con should be read in my 
comments on this point.

The shocking complete story of the Bluff will be reported as soon as the 
witnesses can be deposed and moved into the federal protection program.  
Blame is being attached to unsuspecting innocents as this is written.  
Demerits are being assigned based upon the amount of whining inflicted 
upon fellow competitors (you know who you are!)  And was it a pea or a 
pee that the princess was forced to endure under her matress?

Film at eleven.

Don Peterson
Midlothian, Tx.


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