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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Letter To the Editor-Reply


Thread: Letter To the Editor-Reply

Message: Letter To the Editor-Reply

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From: KKDiamond at

Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 11:47:57 UTC


  Good Morning Lesley,

Oh my, how embarrassing for us both. I thought my post of 3/29/97 was clear
that I was seeking material and descriptions of scenarios for the May 1997
edition of SA. I looked back at your original e-mail, and it was indeed
published verbatim as I received it. Perhaps we both "goofed" a bit here,
because when I read your account, it was hard to believe--then again, we've
all seen this type of complacency, and I just shook my head and yes, believed
it. You are quite a writer--I'll give you that!!

Let's move on to the positive: The fact that you responded to the topic shows
you are interested in safety matters (and you definitely put some thought
into it). Real or imagined, your account has some value for others and the
complacency point comes across well.

Second, even in your embarrassment, your apology post was a brave and
honorable thing to do. I'm sure the readers will forgive you and realize you
are simply enthusiastic about the safety topic. (As I recall, you are a
student pilot?).

Thanks for writing . . . BOTH times.

Karen Diamond
Editor, Sport Aerobatics

PS. I SECOND that apology to SA readers.


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