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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Pitts Owner's / Maintenance Manuals

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Pitts Owner's / Maintenance Manuals


Thread: Pitts Owner's / Maintenance Manuals

Message: Re: Pitts Owner's / Maintenance Manuals

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From: N1BZRich at

Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 14:04:11 UTC


  To Dick Rihn (IAC president) and all Pitts drivers,

Recently, on this IAC net, Fritz asked about tire pressure for the S-1S and I
responded that the S-1S owner's / maintenance manuals called for 35 psi.
 That reply resulted in a question from RS about where he could get a copy of
the manuals.  Below is my reply sent directly to him, and now included on the
exploder in case others might be interested.

     When I bought my S1 plans from Curtis Pitts in 1974 (Pitts Aviation
Enterprises, Inc., Homestead, Florida) I also recieved three books/manuals
that have been extremely helpful over the years.  The first is titled Pitts
S-1S Owner's Manual / Maintenance Manual.  Second is the Pitts S-1S Airplane
Flight Manual.  Third is the Pitts S-1S Parts Catalog.  These three books
aparently were written to go along with the factory S-1S when it was being
certified and then produced by AERO TEK, in Afton, Wyoming.  Additionally,
while I was building my airplane, Curtis came up with the kit airplane
(S-1E), also sold through AERO TEK.  Through them, I was also able to get an S
-1 Assembly Manual and an S-1S Inspection Manual,  also very helpful.  I
don't know if Aviat ( same factory, several owners later) still has the above
five manuals available, but that would be a place to start looking.  Good

NOTE TO IAC / Dick Rihn:
     I am sure there are others that have these manuals, but if they are hard
to come by, and if a need exists,  perhaps we could get Curtis' and/or Aviat
approval to make copies for members that need them.  Might be a money maker
for IAC.  

Fly safe, keep your mach up, and check six!
Buz Rich
IAC #  2794
Pitts N1BZ


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