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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: News from Italy - XXII Crippa Trophy

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: News from Italy - XXII Crippa Trophy


Thread: News from Italy - XXII Crippa Trophy

Message: News from Italy - XXII Crippa Trophy

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From: Salvadori Luca <lsalvadori at>

Date: Mon, 02 Jun 1997 14:47:38 UTC


1997 Italian Aerobatic Championship started on Biella Airport (LILE) with 
the 22nd edition of Crippa Trophy. The contest is named after a famous 
Italian painter, aerobatic pilot as well, which lost his life in a spin 
accident 25 years ago after being one of the most important promoters of 
Italian Aerobatic movement.
Aerobatic in Italy shows a very good shape, even if many negative factors 
due to Country's economical and political crisis affect almost all 
activities: many pilots, new planes and some notable results abroad are a 
good indicator.
Contest was held on two different events: on may 31-June 1 sky was for 
Intermediate and Advanced, while 14-15 June was Sportsmen, Unlimited and 4' 
Freestyle round.
First round saw sunshine during run-ups on Friday, high cloud and wind on 
Saturday and heavy rain on Sunday: anyway Intermediate flew Known and 1st 
Unknown (out of 2), while Advanced flew Known and Free, thus contest has 
been declared valid, even if with reduced championship scoring.
This is the final standing.

Flown: Known, 1st Unknown
Cancelled: 2nd Unknown
 #  Pilot            Acft        %PP
 1  PRIMULTINI V.    CAP-21     75.14
 2  BERTONI L.       E300L      72.40
 3  FORNABAIO F.     E300L      72.05
 4  BRUSA M.         E300L      71.97
 5  SALVADORI L.     CAP-20L    69.71
 6  FINI L.          CAP-20L    69.43
 7  COLOMBO L.       CAP-20L    68.95
 8  OTTOMANIELLO A.  CAP-21     68.49
 9  BISOGNIN L.      CAP-21     60.16
10  GHIRINGHELLI G.  E300L      53.39
11  ROSSI D.         CAP-21     35.64
12  GIRAUDO G.       CAP-10     00.00 (Retired for technical problem)

Flown: Known, Free
Cancelled: 1st and 2nd Unknown
 #  Pilot            Acft        %PP
 1  SCHEDA L.        CAP-21     78.79
 2  SUSSAN F.        CAP-21     78.37
 3  ZANUSO U.        SU-29      76.87
 4  OTTOMANIELLO P.  CAP-21     75.49
 5  VEDOVELLO F.     CAP-21     75.42
 6  RUSCIO P.        CAP-21     74.02
 7  LOCATELLI D.     E300L      71.27
 8  GASPARINI D.     CAP-20L    68.85
 9  ANZOLA A.        T30        67.49
10  VERCESI P.       CAP-21     67.37
11  GENTILE E.       CAP-20L    55.27

     Luca Salvadori
     European Correspondent
     Sport Aerobatics
     Milan - Italy


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