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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Fly landing


Thread: Fly landing

Message: Re:FW: Fly landing

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From: <lee.mckerracher at>

Date: Tue, 03 Jun 1997 23:57:20 UTC


It's their revenge for being taken away against their will. Look at it from the
fly's perspective. Here they are flying along, minding their own buzzzziness and
WHAM, some inconsiderate pilot shuts the canopy and all of a sudden they are at
3,000' and spinning!!

Now that's slightly confusing for a fly whose whole world recently revolved
around short flights to and from a food source, and the odd bit of human

It kind of mucks up their whole day!!!!!

Lee McKerracher
former fly attack victim

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Subject:    FW: Fly landing
Author: <iac at>
Date:       4/06/97 9:17

Australian flies don't land on ceilings, they just spend their entire day   
buzzing around your head !

Speaking of flies (if that is OK with some on an aerobatic list.....) who   
knows why they only appear in the cockpit as you are trying to land ?

Bruce Cunningham
brucec at
Sent:  Tuesday, 3 June 1997 15:28
To:  iac
Subject:  Re: Fly landing


I saw some film once.  They fly gently up towards the ceiling on a   
line, put out their front legs, grab on and then kinda swing their butts   
 Sp they end up facing back the way they came.

At least, thats what British flies do!

Alan Cassidy


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