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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Fly landing

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Fly landing


Thread: Fly landing

Message: Re: Fly landing

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From: aragon <aragon at>

Date: Wed, 04 Jun 1997 01:30:49 UTC


  I had an interesting experience with a fly in the cockpit once.  I
was with a student in a Pitts S2A.  As we pulled out of a loop, my student
called over the radio that he'd just been struck in the face by a screw.

When we got back on the ground and tore the airplane apart looking for
the screw, all we could find was a dead fly.  We concluded that the fly
must have struck him in the face under high G acceleration, causing it
to feel like something much heavier!

It says something about all our senses being tuned for a 1-G environment...

Cecilia Aragon
aragon at

> From: <lee.mckerracher at>
> It's their revenge for being taken away against their will. Look at it from the
> fly's perspective. Here they are flying along, minding their own buzzzziness and
> WHAM, some inconsiderate pilot shuts the canopy and all of a sudden they are at
> 3,000' and spinning!!
> Now that's slightly confusing for a fly whose whole world recently revolved
> around short flights to and from a food source, and the odd bit of human
> chasing.
> It kind of mucks up their whole day!!!!!
> Lee McKerracher
> former fly attack victim
> ____________________Reply Separator____________________
> Australian flies don't land on ceilings, they just spend their entire day   
> buzzing around your head !
> Speaking of flies (if that is OK with some on an aerobatic list.....) who   
> knows why they only appear in the cockpit as you are trying to land ?
> Bruce Cunningham
> brucec at


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