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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Eagle air filter


Thread: Eagle air filter

Message: Eagle air filter

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From: "Tuszka, Jim" <jtuszka at>

Date: Tue, 03 Jun 1997 14:05:13 UTC


  Does anyone know where I can get an airfilter for my Christen Eagle
other than Aviat?
I ordered one from them a month ago and it still hasen't arrived, even
after repeated calls.  They said one was in the mail almost two weeks
ago...ha! And their prices are way out of line...$ 80.00 for an air
filter??  At the same time I asked them some tech questions about a
broken prop control cable bracket on my airplane.  They said someone
would get right back to me.  Haven't yet.  Does Malcom White still own
Aviat?  Why have they let customer service slide so much?

Thanks for letting me vent...I just want an air filter.

Jim Tuszka
Eagle 21SB
jtuszka at


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