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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Eagle air filter

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Eagle air filter


Thread: Eagle air filter

Message: Re: Eagle air filter

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From: KKDiamond at

Date: Thu, 05 Jun 1997 00:00:31 UTC


  Hi Jim,
I saw your post and mentioned it to Stu Horn at Aviat, who I just happened to
be chatting with today. He had the order department check on the situation
and I just got an e-mail back from them--text follows:

We appreciated hearing from you today.

Here are the facts on the Jim Tuszka order:
Order was placed  May 5 1997
Order was shipped May 28, 1997
Price of Airfilter was 39.00
Airfilter was part of a larger order which included manufactured parts, so
order was not shipped until all items available. This keeps shipping costs
down for the customer.


Also Jim, regarding your tech questions--I do know that Mark Heiner at Aviat
is on vacation. You might try giving Mark a call later on w/ your question.
Mark is very helpful and an excellent resource.

Hopefully, you have your air filter by now. I'm waiting for an over due
shipment myself this week--frustrating isn't it?

Karen Diamond

In a message dated 97-06-03 10:12:37 EDT, you write:

> Does anyone know where I can get an airfilter for my Christen Eagle
>  other than Aviat?
>  I ordered one from them a month ago and it still hasen't arrived, even
>  after repeated calls.  They said one was in the mail almost two weeks
>  ago...ha! And their prices are way out of line...$ 80.00 for an air
>  filter??  At the same time I asked them some tech questions about a
>  broken prop control cable bracket on my airplane.  They said someone
>  would get right back to me.  Haven't yet.  Does Malcom White still own
>  Aviat?  Why have they let customer service slide so much?
>  Thanks for letting me vent...I just want an air filter.


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