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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:37] More Long Stuff


Thread: [IAC-L:37] More Long Stuff

Message: [IAC-L:37] More Long Stuff

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From: Leslie <acrohead at>

Date: Mon, 09 Jun 1997 05:37:44 UTC


  Burt brings up a point I've been wondering about...

What is the spread of ACTIVE, competition pilots in
the CIVA ranks?? If there are 200-300 worldwide, and the
US has at least 600, isn't this a case of the tail wagging
the dog?? The US and other CIVA countries should have voting
power commensurate with the number of ACTIVE COMPETITION pilots!

At your next chapter meeting, discuss this and see what YOUR
chapter thinks. Then TELL your DIRECTOR!!!! Thats what they
are there for. There is no easy answer to the "grass roots"
CIVA debate, I wish there were, but we, as members of the
IAC have the POWER to change things, all 'ya gotta do is
VOTE, and participate!!!

My opinion is that the only way to make it right, is that all
CIVA countries have the SAME catagories and difficulty levels, 
and RULES!!! How can we expect an advanced pilot, to fly his 
regional contests the way the red book says, then, a couple of 
weeks out of the year, change EVERYTHING they know how to do 
with their airplane to train and compete at the world level,
and do well??

Our sport is most often compared with Ice Skating, does each
country have its own rules, and local levels of competitions 
that have differing criteria???  More food for thought

I'm not gonna sit here and say American's this, and American's that,
that is not my intention, but we have think about what we want,
where we want to go, and how to get there, THEN DO IT.

BTW, in our region, we have 6 contests that we fly every year...
3 by Chapter 25
2 by Chapter 24
1 by Chapter 59

Dancin' Bear


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