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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:66] Larry Bashore for IAC Board of Dire ...

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:66] Larry Bashore for IAC Board of Dire ...


Thread: [IAC-L:66] Larry Bashore for IAC Board of Dire ...

Message: [IAC-L:66] Larry Bashore for IAC Board of Directors

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From: RobertM82 at

Date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997 20:56:08 UTC


  Dear Fellow IAC Members,

Ballots should be arriving shortly for the IAC Board of Directors positions.
I wanted to take a few moments to share my thoughts on one of the candidates,
Larry Bashore.

As you'll read in the upcoming issue of Sport Aerobatics, Larry is a terrific
and well qualified candidate. President of IAC Chapter 58 in Harrisburg, PA,
Larry is well known to most East Coast IAC'ers. For those of you who don't
know Larry, here's the lowdown.

If elected, Larry will bring three key talents to the Board. The first is a
strong business acumen, honed from years of running his own successful
electrical contracting company.
Planning skills, financial saavy, good people skills -these are Larry's
talents, talents the IAC needs to tap in order the keep our organization
healthy and growing.

The second is a true love of and dedication to sport aerobatics. Whether as
President of Chapter 58, CD of the Maytown PA contest, CD of this year's Fond
du Lac, as a CFI or as an Intermediate competitor, Larry loves our sport.
He's dedicated to making it better, safer, stronger and inclusive. 

The third skillset is proven Board of Directors skills. As most of you will
agree, it takes a special person to be an effective Board Member, especially
in an all-volunteer organization. 
I know this personally, as I became a Director of the United States Aerobatic
Foundation 18 months ago. Strong and effective Board members must be
dedicated, have the time and personal commitment to make things happen, and
have a vision for the organization. Board positions are not "fluff jobs";
done correctly, they are a lot of work and can have profound impact on an
organization's mission, plans and programs. Larry has served on several
Boards (Executive Board of the Boy Scouts; Chairman of the Board for a
Regional Bank; Chamber of Commerce) - he knows how to gain consensus, he
knows how to represent his constituency, he knows how to keep things moving.

On a personal note, I've known Larry since 1994, when I joined Chapter 58 and
started competing. He has my respect as a leader and as a tough competitor,
and he has my utmost admiration for his organizational and people skills.
Larry's candidacy has gained support from many, including Mike Heuer (who has
represented the East Coast for the past few years on the Board).

I strongly encourage all of you to read Larry's write-up in the magazine and
to vote for this well-qualified candidate.

Bob Minkus
Vice President, United States Aerobatic Foundation


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