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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:196] Re: $$$ Aerobatic Contest @ GALVES ...

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:196] Re: $$$ Aerobatic Contest @ GALVES ...


Thread: [IAC-L:196] Re: $$$ Aerobatic Contest @ GALVES ...

Message: [IAC-L:196] Re: $$$ Aerobatic Contest @ GALVESTION $$$ Labor Day Weekend $$$

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From: stan at (Stan Rooker)

Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 13:43:05 UTC


Since I'm rather new to the sport of aerobatics, and need all the help I can
get, does the 
"Foundation for Aerobatic Research Training and Safety" plan on conducting any 
"Special High Intensity Training" seminars during the weekend?  
Or are they just another stinking acronymn?

>Just when you thought you could not afford to fly aerobatics anymore your
>Texas, IAC Chapter 25 members, have swept up their hanger floors one more
>time, and have generously coughed up a little KOOL-HARD CASH for all you
>hard working AKRO Competition Pilots!
>You won't believe it but this is an IAC Sanctioned Contest that you can
>actually bring your Wife, Kids, and Dogs too!   Yes, indeed this is a FOUR
>Category Contest over Labor Day Weekend in Galveston, Texas (GLS).
>Saturday the 30th, and Sunday the 31st of August, with Practice and
>Registration the 29th - (Monday September 1st is a Rain Day).
>Enough gab, lets get right to the MONEY:
>$3,000 Dollars - 1st Place - Unlimited 4-Minute  (see supplementary rules
>$1,000 Dollar - Purse - Unlimited
>$500	1st Place Unlimited
>$300	2nd Place Unlimited
>$200	3rd Place Unlimited 
>$500 Dollar - Purse - Advanced
>$250	1st Place Advanced
>$150	2nd Place Advanced
>$100	3rd Place Advanced
>$500 Dollar - Purse - Intermediate
>$250	1st Place Intermediate
>$150	2nd Place Intermediate
>$100	3rd Place Intermediate
>$500 Dollar - Purse - Sportsman
>$250	1st Place Sportsman
>$150	2nd Place Sportsman
>$100	3rd Place Sportsman
>*FRIDAY Night arrival dinner after practice at the Galveston Airport.
>*SATURDAY Night dinner at the Texas Seaport Museum with Cocktails on the
>Deck of the Tall Ship / square rigger  Elissa".  Information about the
>Elissa and the Tejas Seaport Museum:
><> and / or
>*SUNDAY Night dinner and Awards Banquet in the LONE STAR FLIGHT MUSEUM.
>This is an air conditioned hanger on the airport, sealed from salt air,
>filled with vintage FLYING WWII aircraft, including a B-17 "Flying
>Fortress", a PB4Y-2 (Navy variant of the B-24 Liberator) and a collection
>of Navy carrier aircraft.  They also have a collection of Grumman fighters
>starting with the F3F-2 biplane ( a MUSCLE Biplane), and includes all
>propeller driven Grumman Fighters through the F8F-2 Bearcat.  Go and look
>at the Lone Star Flight Museum Web Pages for yourself, your wife and kids
>are simply not going to believe this is an IAC Aerobatic Contest:
>Gentlemens attire for the banquet:  "Hawaiian Shirt" or "Black Tie" please.
>David Mafrige is your Contest Director assisted by Andy Miller.  You can
>reach David at (713) 468-5005 or at :  <mailto:dzm at>   Andy
>Miller is at (281) 471-1675 or at:<mailto:pitts1s at>
>Our official contest Hotel is the Historic "Treemont" on the "Strand" in
>downtown Galveston.  This is an elegant 4 Star former Railroad Hotel,
>within easy crawling distance of the Texas Seaport Museum, the Tall Ship
>"Elissa", and too many Pirate watering holes.  The infamous Pirate Jean
>Lafitte loved this island hideaway for good reasons.
>******  For reservations, call Nationwide 800-874-2300 - Houston
>713-480-8201 - Direct 409-763-0300 -  or Surf to 	here:
>******  A good alternate hotel is the Harbor House on Pier 2; 4 blocks
>away:  		<> 
>This one has private boat docks!!!  For reservations, call Nationwide
>800-874-3721 Direct 409-763-3321.
>Call  - H&R Aviation - for more information and details on rental aircraft.
> Today it looks like an S2B and a Decathelon might be available, as well as
>an Extra 300 (with safety pilot).  Take a look at the Chapter 25 Homepage;
>from here you will find information about H&R Aviation, or by calling (281)
>471-1675.  Always on the  World Wide Web at:
>	<>   
>Couragous contestants wearing SPEEDOS and Sneakers ONLY, photographed with
>their planes and flying in the contest will receive a special award donated
>by the "Foundation for Aerobatic Research Training and Safety".
>Everyone, including all of you "Advanced Weenies" are eligible for this
>prestigious and highly sought after award.  The winner might even get his
>or her picture in a MAJOR publication!   
>Smoking is permitted on All Flights, especially the 4-Minute, but smoke
>remains Optional.  Order of flight will be Unlimited, Sportsman,
>Intermediate, and then Advanced.  You Must Qualify in the Unlimited Known,
>to fly the 4-Minute. Halos must also qualify to reach the prize money.
>After All other categories have flown plenty, Unlimited will fly a second
>or third flight, if and when time clearly permits.  The 4-Minute will be
>flown at a scheduled time, to be announced.  Flight program order will be
>Known, Unknown, & Freestyle... possibly determined by a coin toss.  A
>temporary control tower and FAA monitors will be in attendance for your
>Two corners of the box will be moving continuously in the waters of
>Galveston Bay, because they will be boats, not sheet rock.  As a result,
>one corner judge may be in continuous motion also.   Because this is an
>equal advantage / disadvantage for everyone, NO boundary infringement
>protests over penalties will be accepted with respect to these moving
>corners.  [ Corner judging might be a fun job at this contest ] Appointed
>Judges of the Unlimited 4-Minute will consist of both qualified and
>non-qualified local officials and celebrities.  Anyone not having fun or
>caught whining will be disqualified and forced to Walk-the-Plank at sword
>THE PIRATES ISLAND:  (Still more )
>Just take a look at all the stuff to do in Galveston.  The family will not
>have any excuse to not attend, plus they can really do their own thing.
>Much more information about Galveston is here:
>	<>
>*Beach Area information and sporting activities here:
>	<> *Moody Gardens adjacent
>to the airport:
>	<>
>*The Strand district:
>	<> *The Bars & Nightclubs:  ( Swat
>- Fast - Heffley - Dancing Bear )
>	<>
>>>>>>>> This could be the contest we have all been waiting for!
>You might even make it pay.  Make plans and reservations today.
>Bring your family or significant other, this contest qualifies as official
>MUCH more information and details to follow in Sport Aerobatics and right
>here like always ..............
>AOL or Compuserve challenged can copy and paste the links noted above to
>their  WWW link, or NETSCAPE, and to surf directly to all the links noted


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