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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:197] Leo Loudenslager Accident info/contact

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:197] Leo Loudenslager Accident info/contact


Thread: [IAC-L:197] Leo Loudenslager Accident info/contact

Message: [IAC-L:197] Leo Loudenslager Accident info/contact

Follow-Up To: ACRO Email list (for List Members only)

From: Larry Lowe <webmaster at>

Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 13:45:37 UTC


  Accident Update: 

A car swerved across the white line and hit Leo Loudenslager head on at
approximately 2 PM hrs CDT on Wednesday, June 25th 1997 as Leo was
returning from a trip to the store. Leo was wearing a helmet and does
not have head injuries. It is not known why the other motorist crossed
the centerline before striking Leo's motorcycle head on. No alcohol or
drugs or excessive speed were involved in this accident. 

         Condition Update: (Thursday 6/26/97) 

Teresa Beardsley provided this update on Leo's condition, as of
Thursday  Afternoon: 

The family met with the doctors this morning and were told that Leo's
condition is still critical, that he is still in a life-threatening
situation. Every hour that passes without setback is a very good thing.
His condition has basically stabilized, and while internal healing has
to take place, as long as no infection sets in or blood clot gets in the
wrong place, Leo can be expected to survive. 

(Carl Whittle reported earlier that 'The physicians report that Leo's
condition is extremely serious, " very touch and go, almost minute by
minute". ') 

Fortunately, Leo has no head or neck injuries, but his spinal cord is
severed. He is conscious, awake and alert, although he is on a
respirator and is totally immobilized in his hospital bed. He is
apparently permanently paralized from the waist down. He has two broken
wrists and a broken pelvis. 

Leo's vital signs are stable and he is taking fluids via IV. He does
respond to and acknowledge messages relayed to him through the family.
He is alert and seems to enjoy hearing the names of friends who have
inquired about him. 

The medical team has no long term prognosis. They are watching his
condition  on an hour by hour basis and say there is no way to project
now the outcome of this crisis. HIs blood pressure has stabilized and
confindence is high that he will  pull through. 

Patty Wagstaff has arrived in Tennessee and is providing support. 

Messages of support to Leo would certainly be valuable to boost his

A two-way information flow has been set up. 

Periodic reports on Leo's condition and updates as events warrant will
be posted at the Bud LIght Air Force Website at:


Messages to Leo can be transmitted as follows: 

FAX messages of support to: 

                    (615) 345 4163 

        Put on the fax header: 

                   c/o Patient Affairs
                   Attention: Leo Loudenslager 

Email messages of support can be sent to: 

                   GetWellLeo at 

and will be compiled, printed and taken to Leo by the family and the
support group of Bill and Teresa Beardsly. 

Phone calls should be made to: 

                  (615) 794 2657 

Cards and Letters can be sent to: 

                  Leo Loudenslager
                  2657 Buckner Road
                  Thompson Station, Tennessee 37179 

Do NOT call or write the Hospital.
Do NOT send flowers. 
DO send Email or FAX. 

The BLAF website joins the aerobatic/aviation community in wishing the
best possible outcome for Leo. 


Larry Lowe
webmaster at

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Bud Light Air Force


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