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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:232] Please Vote

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:232] Please Vote


Thread: [IAC-L:232] Please Vote

Message: [IAC-L:232] Please Vote

Follow-Up To: ACRO Email list (for List Members only)

From: Dave Lammers <lammers.david at>

Date: Mon, 30 Jun 1997 02:59:20 UTC


  You've recently received a ballot for Officers and Directors of your
IAC.  I am running for one of the Director positions and I would like
your vote.

I am an active competitor, national judge and aerobatic flight
instructor.  I have attended and judged at four regional contests this
season and plan on attending at least four more and contest directing
one of those.  Of the four I've attended, I competed at three of them in
the Intermediate category in a Pitts which I built myself.  Of those
three, I embarrassed myself at one, finishing next to last after three
zeros.  I won one, and placed second at the other.  At all four of them
I actively judged categories other than the one in which I flew.  In
addition, I've attended every board meeting since last year.  I
encourage you to check this record against those of the incumbents
against whom I am running.

This active participation in our sport is the key to my platform in
running for the board.  I feel strongly that you should be represented
by people who are active participants in the various aspects of our
sport.  I represent just such a person.  I believe that the real
feedback on all aspects of the club is verbalized from the heart by the
participants at our various events.  This verbalization needs to be
consolidated and taken back to the board room in the form of action.

I am doing just that with the rule change proposal for alternate
sequences to be used in conditions with ceilings lower than the
currently specified 3500 feet.  This proposal will be given extensive
coverage in the July issue of Sport Aerobatics.  The point is that this
proposal was not my original idea, but resulted in listening to a lot of
others with suggestions that began with phrases such as: why don't they,
or why doesn't the board, etc., etc.  I listened to all those ideas
about how we could fly in somewhat lower ceilings, and consolidated all
those great ideas into one workable rule change.  I then formally
proposed it to the rules committee and then to the board.  It is a lot
of work, but it is the kind of grass roots representation, leading to
action in the board room, that I feel I can bring to the board.  But
only if elected.

Other information with regard to my principles can be read about in the
June issue of Sport Aerobatics.  Please note the interview in
Competition News and the Biography later in the issue.  

If you would like to be heard, or hear more from me, please feel free to
communicate with me one-on-one directly at 319-377-1425 or e-mail at the
above address.

In conclusion, if you agree with me, then I ask for, appreciate, and
thank you for your vote.

Dave Lammers


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