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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:312] Re: contest registration

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:312] Re: contest registration


Thread: [IAC-L:312] Re: contest registration

Message: [IAC-L:312] Re: contest registration

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From: Kathron at

Date: Fri, 04 Jul 1997 20:34:18 UTC


  In a message dated 97-07-04 09:14:38 EDT, IMACRO at (Bob Stark) write:

<< We had a few people use the preregestration and it was a pain. We got a
 of the contestants data and to transfer it to an official regestration form.
 There is enough work to be don without having to fill out forms for the
 contestants. If it sent us on official form already filled out, it would be
 nice, but there is still a lot of other data which needs to be turned in
 along with it, like frees and tech inspections. It really doesn't help much.
 I have found that it helps me to take a blank from home with me, copy it and
 bring it with me(filled out) along with everything else. >>

There are several ways this could be used:
1. To merely know who's coming & what type aircraft allows planning for
hangar space;
2. Planning an approximate number of banquet attendees. 
3. Some Registrars want to have a lot of the  paperwork filled out prior to
Registration (complete w/ names on the Knowns). Pilots get to sign up for
practice sooner.
4. It's good PR when competitors know that if they get stuck in weather that
they will be on the Order of Flight & can arrive later & only have to pay
fees, get teched & sign waiver. 

Your point is well taken that it requires re-filling out the form, but  if
contest officials are doing Pre-Registration, they already know that there
will be a lot of advance work. Besides, it doesn't ven have to be used at

Another point of view, 
Kathy Straub
Phoenix Aerobatic Club


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