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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:309] Italian Contests - Lugo, June 28-29

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:309] Italian Contests - Lugo, June 28-29


Thread: [IAC-L:309] Italian Contests - Lugo, June 28-29

Message: [IAC-L:309] Italian Contests - Lugo, June 28-29

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From: Salvadori Luca <lsalvadori at>

Date: Fri, 04 Jul 1997 17:07:47 UTC


Second date of Italian Aerobatic Championship has been held in Lugo, near 
Bologna, las weekend for Intermediate and Advanced.
Uncertain weather has affected the contest, obliging to cancel Unknown #2 
for both categories after several interruptions due to low clouds disrupted 
the tight schedule. Nevertheless, since weather was very bad elsewhere, 
participation hasn't been as expected because several contestants were 
forced back on the trip.
Next stop will be in Siena on June 5-6 (Cat. Sportsmen, Unlimited) and June 
12-13 (Cat. Intermediate, Advanced): Unlimited contest will be also the last 
qualification contest for Italian National Team for WAG'97.

Cat. Intermediate
POS. PILOT                 AERO CLUB     ACFT     %PP
1    FORNABAIO Francesco   Milano        E300L   69.86
2    BRUSA Marco           Milano        E300L   68.38
3    BALDAZZI Mauro        Lugo          CAP-21  68.26
4    BERTONI Luca          Milano        E300L   66.71
5    FINI Luca             Milano        CAP-20L 64.41
6    OTTOMANIELLO Alberto  Lugo          CAP-21  63.39
7    BISOGNIN Lamberto     Lugo          CAP-21  62.63
8    PRIMULTINI Vittorio   Lugo          CAP-21  62.59
9    GHIRINGHELLI Gerolamo Milano        E300L   60.95

Cat. Advanced
POS. PILOT                 AERO CLUB     ACFT     %PP
1    SUSSAN Flavio         Lugo          CAP-21  71.22
2    SCHEDA Luca           Lugo          CAP-21  69.62
3    GASPARINI Dario       Viterbo       CAP-20L 68.12
4    OTTOMANIELLO Paolo    Lugo          CAP-21  67.97
5    LOCATELLI Daniele     Milano        E300L   62.33
6    PONTI Edoardo         Milano        E300L   53.54
7    GENTILE Emilio        Viterbo       CAP-20L 52.29

     Luca Salvadori
     European Correspondent
     Sport Aerobatics
     Milan - Italy


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