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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:437] Fwd: Aerobatic Conversation


Thread: [IAC-L:437] Fwd: Aerobatic Conversation

Message: [IAC-L:437] Fwd: Aerobatic Conversation

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From: MuscleBipe at

Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 02:14:13 UTC


  Here is a little something from Kurt in exile...

Forwarded message:
From:	TwoWing6 at (Kurt O. Haukohl)
To:	musclebipe at
Date: 97-07-14 22:01:16 EDT


No problem, lets fly Wednesday.  

Yup!  It looks like management loves Larry
Walls and the really great job he is doing with our
communications.  Our leaders just can't say
enough nice stuff about him either.  When we
fire these guys, we send in two security guards
to grab them fast so their fingers can't touch the
keyboard.  Anyway, plan on having the exploder

I got an avalanche of mail from people afraid to
complain, and others who got cut off.  Perhaps 
this is a little underhanded poker, masterminded in
the smokey back rooms of Oshkosh.  But I doubt it.

Let us just enjoy the melt down, the dung all falls
on this Board anyway.  The objective is to KILL the
discussion and AVOID criticism or EXPOSURE.

I don't care if you post my stuff, just don't be surprised
when Larry cuts you off too.  It might be the ONLY
important thing in his life.

Wednesday... your buying.

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