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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:578] Re: from kurt


Thread: [IAC-L:578] Re: from kurt

Message: [IAC-L:578] Re: from kurt

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From: "Tom Rhodes" <trhodes at>

Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 01:14:48 UTC


 Are gliders included in the Galveston contest? Tom
From: Billy Brock <bbrock at>
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Date: Saturday, July 26, 1997 12:28 AM
Subject: [IAC-L:564] from kurt

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contest extravaganza !!!

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David Mafrige wants to apologize for using a canned graphic picture of
a MONOPLANE in the full page advertisement in Sport Aerobatics. 

FOUR Category Contest over Labor Day Weekend in Galveston, Texas (GLS).
Saturday the 30th, and Sunday the 31st of August, with Practice and
Registration the 29th - (Monday September 1st is a Rain Day).


$3,000 Dollars - 1st Place - Unlimited 4-Minute  (see supplementary rules

$1,000 Dollar - Purse - Unlimited
$500 1st Place Unlimited
$300 2nd Place Unlimited
$200 3rd Place Unlimited

$500 Dollar - Purse - Advanced
$250 1st Place Advanced
$150 2nd Place Advanced
$100 3rd Place Advanced

$500 Dollar - Purse - Intermediate
$250 1st Place Intermediate
$150 2nd Place Intermediate
$100 3rd Place Intermediate

$500 Dollar - Purse - Sportsman
$250 1st Place Sportsman
$150 2nd Place Sportsman
$100 3rd Place Sportsman


*FRIDAY Night arrival dinner after practice at the Galveston Airport.

*SATURDAY Night activities pending

*SUNDAY Night dinner and Awards Banquet in the LONE STAR FLIGHT MUSEUM. 
This is an air conditioned hanger on the airport, sealed from salt air,
filled with vintage FLYING WWII aircraft, including a B-17 "Flying
Fortress", a PB4Y-2 (Navy variant of the B-24 Liberator) and a collection
Navy carrier aircraft.  They also have a collection of Grumman fighters
starting with the F3F-2 biplane ( a MUSCLE Biplane), and includes all
propeller driven Grumman Fighters through the F8F-2 Bearcat.  Go and look
the Lone Star Flight Museum Web Pages for yourself, your wife and kids are
simply NOT going to believe this is an IAC Aerobatic Contest:      

Gentlemens attire for the banquet:  "Hawaiian Shirt" or "Black Tie"


David Mafrige is your Contest Director assisted by Andy Miller.
You can reach David at (713) 468-5005 or at :  <mailto:dzm at>
Andy Miller is at (281) 471-1675 or at:  <mailto:pitts1s at>


Our official contest Hotel is the Historic "Treemont" on the "Strand" in
downtown Galveston.  This is an elegant 4 Star former Railroad Hotel,
easy crawling distance of the Texas Seaport Museum, the Tall Ship
and too many Pirate watering holes.  The infamous Pirate Jean Lafitte
this island hideaway for good reasons.

******  For Treemont reservations, call Nationwide 800-874-2300 - Houston
713-480-8201 - Direct 409-763-0300 -  or Surf to here:
******  A good alternate hotel is the Harbor House on Pier 2; 4 blocks
This one has private boat docks!!!  For reservations, call Nationwide
800-874-3721 Direct 409-763-3321.

>>>>>   ASK FOR THE IAC RATE ! ! !


Call  - H&R Aviation - for more information and details on rental aircraft.

Today it looks like an S2B and a Decathelon might be available, as well as
an Extra 300 (with safety pilot).  Take a look at the Chapter 25 Homepage;
from here you will find information about H&R Aviation, or by calling
471-1675.  Always on the  World Wide Web at:


Couragous contestants wearing SPEEDOS and Sneakers ONLY, photographed with
their planes and flying in the contest will receive a special award
by the "Foundation for Aerobatic Research Training and Safety".   
including all of you "Advanced Weenies" are eligible for this prestigious
and highly sought after award.  The winner might even get his or her
in a MAJOR publication!  


Smoking is permitted on All Flights, especially the 4-Minute, but smoke
remains Optional.  Order of flight will be Unlimited, Sportsman,
Intermediate, and then Advanced.  You Must Qualify in the Unlimited Known,
to fly the 4-Minute. EVEN Halos must qualify to reach the prize money. 
After All other categories have flown plenty, Unlimited will fly a second
third flight, if and when time clearly permits.  The 4-Minute will be
at a scheduled time, to be announced.  Flight program order will be Known,
Unknown, & Freestyle... possibly determined by a coin toss.  A temporary
control tower and FAA monitors will be in attendance for your

We shall post a frequency here later....


Two corners of the box will be moving continuously in the waters of
Galveston Bay, because they will be boats, not sheet rock.  As a result,
corner judge may be in continuous motion also.   Because this is an equal
advantage / disadvantage for everyone, NO boundary infringement protests
over penalties will be accepted with respect to these moving corners.  [
Corner judging might be a fun job at this contest ] Appointed Judges of
Unlimited 4-Minute will consist of both qualified and non-qualified local
officials and celebrities.  Anyone not having fun or caught whining will
disqualified and forced to Walk-the-Plank at sword point.

THE PIRATES ISLAND:  (Still more )

Just take a look at all the stuff to do in Galveston.  The family will NOT
have any excuse to NOT attend, plus they can really do their own thing. 
Much more information about Galveston is here:

*Beach Area information and sporting activities here:

*Moody Gardens adjacent to the airport:

*The Strand district:
<> *The Bars & Nightclubs:

*The Bars:
( Swat - Fast - Heffley - Dancing Bear - Fulton )

>>>>>>> This could be the contest we have all been waiting for!
You might even make it pay.  Make plans and reservations today.
Bring your entire family, significant others, pets, beach chair, SPEEDO,
hat, sunglasses, and party favors;  this contest qualifies as an official



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