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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:604] Re:Oshkosh, day one

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:604] Re:Oshkosh, day one


Thread: [IAC-L:604] Re:Oshkosh, day one

Message: [IAC-L:604] Re:Oshkosh, day one

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From: <lee.mckerracher at>

Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 04:44:21 UTC


Thanks Charlie for your report on day one of Oshkosh. A few of us from down here
in the land of Oz were lucky enough to go to Oshkosh last year and we are
missing it terribly this year.

All reports on the happenings of the BIG EVENT are very welcome - come on make
me jealous.

Lee McKerracher

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Subject:    [IAC-L:603] Oshkosh, day one
Author: <iac-l at>
Date:       30/07/97 21:44

The weather is perfect for the first day of EAA---clear blue skies, a light
breeze and temperatures in the mid seventies.  The crowds are minimal as you
might expect on opening day.  There are significant changes in the convention
grounds including two new large hangars for vendor displays and conversion of
the three central vendor display buildings into EAA and USAF displays.  

The IAC pavilion is flanked by several lines of aerobatic steeds including
Yaks, Acrosports, Skybolts, several varieties of Pitts, Fred Meyer's
Atlantis, a Culp special with the Russian MP104 engine, Ellen Dean's Extra
300 and a 200, the G202 and the DR109.  One of the items getting the most
play is a pristine J-3 Cub on which raffle tickets are being sold like they
are going out of style; proceeds to the US Aerobatic Foundation.

The afternoon show was opened with the traditional Liberty Parachute team
flying the the huge American flag accompanied by the National Anthem after
which the Pitts Sampson painted smokey trails against the azure sky.  Patty
thrilled the crowd with her rolling, swooping performance punctuated with
cobra rolls, 8 sided loop with a half roll on each interior line and a fast
inside roller with about 16 rolls in the turn.  She finished up with her
traditional fishtailing knife edge salute to the audience.  The French
Connection performed their ballet with precision, the canopy to canopy
portion seemed as if they were welded in space.

Sean Tucker attempted unsuccessfully seemingly to wrest the wings from his
craft as he thrashed about the sky in a magnificent series of rolls,
Lomcevaks, torque rolls and finished with his demonstration of weightlessness
by hanging the Pitts on its prop in sidewise flight.  There was a wing
walking act and Bob Hoover returned with his performance in the Shrike
Commander.  Several other acts completed the show.

Charlie Harrison


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