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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:640] Aerobatic Plane Pix Wanted

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:640] Aerobatic Plane Pix Wanted


Thread: [IAC-L:640] Aerobatic Plane Pix Wanted

Message: [IAC-L:640] Aerobatic Plane Pix Wanted

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From: BAeA Information <info at>

Date: Fri, 08 Aug 1997 09:51:24 UTC


   The British Aerobatic Association, BAeA, is in the process of
re-vamping its WWW
  site, and we are keen to receive assistance from anyone who can help
us in this task
    In particular, we are keen to show more graphics and photos which
are exciting and
  relate to Aerobatics. If you have any images, preferably air-air and
of unusual attitudes
  please let us know about them, READ NB*1 BELOW. Wherever possible, we
  acknowledge all copyrights and include an Email link if requested. If
you have any 
  .avi or other such moving image formats, we would like to build and
host an archive of
  this type of material, os tell us of any moving images you have or
know about.
  We would also be happy to provide space for any articles or considered
opinions on
  all aspects concerning aerobatics which you may have written about or
  across elsewhere.  Again, we will acknowledge all copyrights. If
unsure, just tell us
  as much about it as you know and we will make further enquiries.
  We are also keen to carry and reciprocate further links to and from
sites with any
  Aerobatic relevance. 
  NB*1 Please do NOT send images directly via this exploder, since not
everyone may
           wish/be capable of receiving such material. If you have such
material on an 
           existing server, just send us the hyperlink, or if Emailing
images, please send
           direct to webmaster at 

  Thanks in advance 

  BAeA Website address is 


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