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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:679] Pendleton, Oregon Aerobatic Contest

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:679] Pendleton, Oregon Aerobatic Contest


Thread: [IAC-L:679] Pendleton, Oregon Aerobatic Contest

Message: [IAC-L:679] Pendleton, Oregon Aerobatic Contest

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From: Haledna at

Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997 22:16:14 UTC


                                   17th Annual                   
             Beaver State Regional Aerobatic Contest

                              IAC Chapter 77 (Oregon)

Come join us for a full 5 catagory contest in a well marked box with good
the rule, not the exception.
Where: Pendleton, OR   Identifier: PDT
When: Thurs 9-4-97  Registration, technical inspection, and practice
           Fri. & Sat. 9-5 & 9-6-97  Contest flights
           Sun. 9-7-97  Weather day or departure
Entertainment: Free BBQ Thurs. night at the airport
                      On your own Fri. evening, but there'll be a lot going
on to join up with!
                      Awards banquet Sat. evening (Approx. $20, no host bar,
at the            
                                   Red Lion/DoubleTree)
Motels: DoubleTree/Red Lion    1-541-276-6111               $68
            Best Western                       276-2135                 57
            Chaparral                             276-8654                 36
            Let 'er Buck                          276-3293                25
            Longhorn                              276-7531
            Motel 6                                276-3160
            Tapadera Inn                        276-3231                 37
Car Rentals: Hertz available at airport
Commercial Flights: Serviced by Horizon Air from Portland etc.
There are awards for all three place finishers in each catagory. In addition
there will be trophies for the highest percentage overall ( The Pendleton Cup
), the highest percentage scored by a Pitts ( the Pitts Cup ), the highest
scoring 1st time sportsman competitor, and the highest scoring plane/pilot
with no inverted systems.    
There will be additional awards, prizes, laughter, comraderie, and lots of
hangar flying!
Fees: $50    Basic                      
         $75    Sportsman, Intermediate, Advanced, Unlimited
          Includes an awesome contest T-shirt!
Lots of Hangar space.
Excellent maintainance available.

It's the weekend before the Pendleton Round-Up, so make your reservations now
and come join us!

Fly safe and have fun, Norm Willis  prez Chpt 77


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