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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:701] Re: Fon du Lac and U.S. Aerobatic ...

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:701] Re: Fon du Lac and U.S. Aerobatic ...


Thread: [IAC-L:701] Re: Fon du Lac and U.S. Aerobatic ...

Message: [IAC-L:701] Re: Fon du Lac and U.S. Aerobatic Team Selection

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From: "Brent Rogers" <Brent.Rogers at>

Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 17:42:33 UTC



From: Brent Rogers on 08-15-97 01:39 PM
I'm a long way from even considering competing for a place on the US team
(and probably as a Canadian I couldn't anyway) but like Allyson, I DO CARE
about the sport, my US "cousin's" team and so I will say this.

I'm planning to enter my first competition in two weeks (at the Sportsman
level) and so I've paid plenty of attention to all of the contests you
folks south of the border have. I've wondered how people manage to get the
time (off work, is what's in MY mind) to attend as many as some of you do.
I work in a "non-aviation" business and that probably makes it a bit more
difficult than for some but I am still a little envious of those of you who
manage to make it to several of the contests around the country.

If I were in a position to aspire to a place on the US team (or any team
for that matter) I would definitely find it difficult to manage attending 2
week long contests and having to do so might very well practically
eliminate me from trying out.

Brent Rogers
Toronto, Canada
IAC # 24428

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Subject:  [IAC-L:700] Fon du Lac and U.S. Aerobatic Team Selection

I was talking with a fellow IAC'er today about this year's procedure for
U.S. team selection (requiring attendance at Fon du Lac as well as
Nationals and using combined scores to select the team).  Even though I
don't fly Unlimited, I do care very much about our U.S. team, and I wasn't
really wild about the new team selection process.  Now after seeing so few
pilots trying out for the team at Fon du Lac, it really makes me wonder if
this idea is really bad.

In 1995 if I recall correctly, there were 36 people flying Unlimited at the
Nationals, most of whom were trying for a spot on the team.  This year at
Fon du Lac, only 15 pilots were trying out for the team.  In 1995, there
were 7 women at the Nationals trying out for the team, this year at Fon du
Lac only 3.  Anybody see a trend here?  Like the ever so eloquent Kurt
Haukohl once said "SHRINKAGE --- BAD!"

I have nothing against the Fon du Lac contest at all.  I just think that it
is difficult and expensive enough to attend only one week-long contest.  By
requiring 2 isolates SOOOO many people--evident by the lack of
participation this year.  Maybe it's worth looking at yet another team
selection method for next time.  Is the old way better?  Would it be better
to have a special contest JUST for team selection?  Is this way ok?  What
do y'all think?

Allyson Parker-Lauck
Ponca City, OK


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