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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:709] Re: Fon du Lac and U.S. Aerobatic ...

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:709] Re: Fon du Lac and U.S. Aerobatic ...


Thread: [IAC-L:709] Re: Fon du Lac and U.S. Aerobatic ...

Message: [IAC-L:709] Re: Fon du Lac and U.S. Aerobatic Team Selection

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From: DickieJr at

Date: Sun, 17 Aug 1997 17:04:44 UTC



I think you miss the point of the new team selection process. By requiring
participation in two week-long contests, the leadership is clearly tipping
the scales in favor of those professional and semi-professional pilots for
whom aerobatics is virtually a full-time job. In addition, in order to be
competitive at the national level, a pilot would need to fly at least three
or four regional contests through the year, an additional time commitment of
several four day weekends.

Unless I am mistaken, the new team selection guidelines also include
provisions for making the team without participation in one, or both, of the
designated contests through invitation to a "training camp". This is to cover
those pilots who have mechanicals or whose airshow schedule conflicts with
contest dates. Final selection to the team occurs through these training
camps. According to the written process, it would be possible to finish first
at both Nats and Fondy, and then fail to be selected due to a poor showing at
training camps. I know this is unlikely to ever happen, but it is possible.

The point of the new selection criteria seems to be to allow enough leeway
for the powers-that-be to ensure that our team is composed of the "proper"
pilots. Given our performance at the last several world contests, perhaps we
should be focusing on better preparation of our pilots to present flights
that will score well with a panel of international judges.

The moral is, unless you tow the political line and shake the right hands, no
matter how excellent your flying is, you will not be not assured of a spot on
the team.

Dickie, Jr


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