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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:707] FAI World Grand Prix of Aerobatics ...


Thread: [IAC-L:707] FAI World Grand Prix of Aerobatics ...

Message: [IAC-L:707] FAI World Grand Prix of Aerobatics Toyokoro, Japan

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From: Charlie <velox at>

Date: Sun, 17 Aug 1997 07:08:56 UTC


 Since we are called the International Aerobatic Club, thought the
members might be interested in the recently held FAI World Grand Prix of
Aerobatics Exibition, held in Toyokoro, Japan.
The featured pilots were Jurgis Kairys of Lithuania, Sergei Boriak US
resident and international coach,and Peter Besenyei of Hungry.
The three have attended the world championships numerous times always
finishing in the top of the standings, including gold metal flights.
Juris flew his hot SU26 with Sergei and Peter flying the VELOX
Revolution. During the week Sergei and Peter flew approximately 35
flights in the VELOX and Juris flew about 25 times for a total of approx
60 flights in 6 days. These guys are good!
The entire trip was one of the most professional events I have ever been
involved in.
Lynda Renwick and Jean Louis Monnet the FAI organizers, arranged every
last detail as to shipping, transportation and logictics,and the
Japanese organizers (Nobuyuki Mitsuka) took care of the importation
paper work, intra country transportation, hotels, meals ,comunications,
Media and every whim that any of the visiting party had. At the airport
Masaki Nakase San and his wife took us in and treated us like
royalty(more on this later).  
In short the flying was superb as well as the airport facilities.
I won't go into too much detail here as I plan on writing a more
detailed story of our trip with many pictures.(hopefully Karen will
include it in the IAC Magazine)
For some great pictures as well as some movies you can check out the
Home Site at:

After looking at the first page of pictures,you can click on the
Japaneese writing below the pictures to get about 30 more shots.
You can also view two movies of the SU 26 and the VELOX by clicking on
the small pictures.
Also try the Newspaper "Kachimai the No 1 news paper in Tokachi" for
another half dozen or more shots.
If any one wants anymore info, please E mail me at:

www.VELOX at

Charlie Wolff
Velox Aviation, Inc.


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