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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:749] Re: US Team Selection - Just the Facts

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:749] Re: US Team Selection - Just the Facts


Thread: [IAC-L:749] Re: US Team Selection - Just the Facts

Message: [IAC-L:749] Re: US Team Selection - Just the Facts

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From: "Drew Lundgren" <acrodrew at>

Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 00:38:15 UTC


 This is from Drew who erroneously stated that USAF selects the team.  I was
wrong and I apologize for misleading anyone.  USAF manages the Team and
IAC, Inc. picks the team.  My sincere thanks for the clarification.  And I
still think no person has a right to be on the Team just because he or she
finished in the top 5 in a contest(s), and we have no legal right to
complain about the process.  I would prefer it be the top five, but that is
only a wish.
 --  Drew Lundgren, Pres. IAC25.

> From: RobertM82 at
> To: Multiple recipients of list <iac-l at>
> Subject: [IAC-L:743] US Team Selection - Just the Facts
> Date: Wednesday, August 20, 1997 3:23 PM
> There has been much written recently in this forum about the U.S. Team
> selection process. Unfortunately, many of the authors are laboring under
> various misconceptions. In order to bring this discussion into a fact
> forum, here are some facts about the process.
> The International Aerobatic Club, by virtue of its agreement with the
> National Aeronautic Association is responsible for : 
> (Section III.4) 
> " Selection, training and participation of all teams representing the
> States in all FAI international aerobatic competitions and world
> championships."
> The International Aerobatic Club has delegated, by letter of agreement,
> responsibility for the administration, management and promotion and
> of the U.S. Aerobatic Teams" to the United States Aerobatic Foundation.
> Note that the IAC and ONLY THE IAC has the responsibility of selecting
> U.S. Teams. The manner in which they do so is entirely up the IAC. USAF
> not pick the US Teams.
> USAF was consulted in the recent Team Selection Policy Revision by IAC
> among the recommendations was that the Teams be selected using more
> In particular, USAF asked that Unknown flights be added in establishing
> minimum flight requirement for Team Selection. This request is only
> given the nature and format of International competition. Those pilots
> fly consistently well, and in particular, who fly consistently well in
> Unknown programs, are those who are most successful in International
> Competitions.
> IAC took USAF's recommendation and made the decision add more flights. It
> IAC's decision to require accomplishment of this at both Fond du Lac and
> Nationals. This revision to Team Selection was published in the IAC
Policy &
> Procedures Manual and is dated 11/1/96.
> Another part of selection process which seems to be unclear in many
> mind, and hence results in them thinking that USAF "picks the Team" is a
> provision in IAC's  Policy and Procedures number 704. 
> Let me shed some light on this one: 
> In the past, the IAC named 10 members to the Team (the top 5 men and 5
> at the Nationals). Now, under the new selection criteria, "A minimum of 5
> and 5 women and a maximum of 10 men and 10 women will be selected in rank
> order as qualified for the U.S. Aerobatic Team. These names will be
> to the U.S. Aerobatic Foundation, which will decide how many can be
> accommodated at training program(s). The U.S. Aerobatic Foundation will
> notify IAC as to how many pilots can be funded in the upcoming training
> program(s) no later than June 30 of the Team selection year. IAC and USAF
> have agreed that this number could conceivably be only 10 pilots."
> USAF has notified IAC that for the Unlimited Team that will compete in
> in Slovakia, the maximum number of pilots we can fund in training and
that we
> can take to the Worlds is 10 (and only eight aircraft, constrained by the
> number of monoplanes that will fit on a C5A). This is strictly a matter
> dollars and cents. If USAF can afford to train and take 10 pilots, it
> In the future, if USAF can train a larger group of pilots, we will.
> Obviously, it is in the best interest of "winning" that we train as many
> pilots as possible to World Competition Level and take the maximum number
> that are allowed under the rules of each event. This is why USAF works so
> aggressively to raise money. 
> For those unclear about the clause for "unforseen circumstances", the
> and Procedure reads, "in the event of unforseen circumstances preventing
> participation of Unlimited pilot(s) with proven track records in either
> both of these competitions, the U.S. Aerobatic Foundation may initiate a
> request to the IAC Board of Directors to include such pilot(s) in the
> selection process at training camp. Such circumstances would be those of
> emergency nature, including airframe or engine failure, airworthiness
> directives grounding competitive aircraft, family emergencies, illness
> other problems. Ultimately, the IAC Board will consider such requests on
> case-by-case basis." Note that this clause does not refer to pilots who
> to make the cut due to zeroing maneuvers at Fond du Lac and the
> Those are the facts. IAC picks the Team, USAF pays for the training and
> competition costs within the ability of their resources. USAF only
> involved in selecting the members of the Team who actually compete at the
> if we are so lucky that we can train more pilots than we are allowed to
> as a Team. In that case, the Policy and Procedure states, "After
> of the training program(s), the U. S Aerobatic Team Selection Committee
> be charged with the selection of the pilots who will comprise the Team
> actually compete in the WAC. The composition of the U.S. Aerobatic Team
> Selection Committee will be the responsibility of USAF. Names of the
> committee will be provided to IAC."
> Also don't forget, that while USAF puts all its resources behind our
> (yes, we do have three Teams: Unlimited Power; Unlimited Glider; Advanced
> Power), it's still the individual pilots who bear the majority of the
> in both money, time and commitment of resources. 
> Let's support their efforts with our own.
> Thanks for your attention,
> Bob Minkus
> VP, United States Aerobatic Foundation


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