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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:819] ALITALIA sponsors Maurizio COSTA a ...

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:819] ALITALIA sponsors Maurizio COSTA a ...


Thread: [IAC-L:819] ALITALIA sponsors Maurizio COSTA a ...

Message: [IAC-L:819] ALITALIA sponsors Maurizio COSTA at WAG

Follow-Up To: ACRO Email list (for List Members only)

From: Salvadori Luca <lsalvadori at>

Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 15:19:49 UTC



After waiver of Renzo VOCERI due to very demanding professional tasks 
that Aerobatics is an hobby for the whole Team), Maurizio COSTA takes over
after having been identified as reserve pilot.
Maurizio will be helped by new sponsorship of ALITALIA, Italian Flag carrier
entering International Competitions arena for the first time.
Updated CAP-21DS owned by Costa and Dallan will show, along with Corporate
Sponsor's (REGGIANI S.p.A. Illuminazione) logo, colors of ALITALIA Team,
the brand-new, low-cost Alitalia division aimed to renew successes of the
Airline, achieving 50 years of operations.
ALITALIA interest is another sign of health of Italian Aerobatic movement, 
we all hope to demonstrate with an outstanding results at 1st WAG.

     Luca Salvadori
     European Correspondent
     Sport Aerobatics
     Milan, Italy


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