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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:883] RE: Alternate Sequences

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:883] RE: Alternate Sequences


Thread: [IAC-L:883] RE: Alternate Sequences

Message: [IAC-L:883] RE: Alternate Sequences

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From: Dave Lammers <lammers.david at>

Date: Mon, 08 Sep 1997 03:21:05 UTC


 Doug Partl wrote:
> Dave- I'm following your alternate idea with great interest- keep it up.
> I do have a question- I flew the IL Open in Matoon this weekend, took First in
> Int. and IL State Title, finally, but a question came up as to the Pitts Cup-
> I thought the issue, as stated right on the trophy as "Pitts Pilot"- and
> doesn't state "Aviat Trophy"- as to who qualifies to win it, was settled a
> while back and had to be a Pitts Pilot. Is this true or do Eagle, Husky Pilots
> qualify? We had one Eagle do a great (90%) job, but I scored the highest in
> Pitts- who gets it??? Let me know if you do!!! Mike Vaughn is sitting on the
> trophy pending the correct answer.
> Doug

Congratulations on your win at Matoon!!!  You've worked hard for this
win this year and have been the bridesmaid too often--it was your well
earned turn!

On the "Pitts Trophy"  I have a suspicion on the answer, but am not 100%
sure---but I'll share what I know and how I would approach resolving the

1.  There are no explicit written directions with the trophy as there
are with some other awards--so the dilema is understandable.

2.  The trophies are engraved as you said.

3.  I don't have my contest packet any longer from Albert Lea, but I do
not recall seeing any guidance from IAC HQ (may have been--don't recall)

4.  The awards come to the CD from Aviat--not from IAC HQ

I would do this:

Have your CD contact Myrna Mybus.  She is the IAC Awards Chairperson. 
Ask Myrna if there is written documentation to IAC from Aviat defining
the program and the terms under which the awards are to be made.

If nothing exists between IAC and Aviat, then I would have your CD
contact Carol at Aviat.  She administers the program and is very
helpfull. (I had different issues with ours which she resolved).

Let us know how it comes out.

Dave Lammers


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