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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:950] Larry Weeks' accident

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:950] Larry Weeks' accident


Thread: [IAC-L:950] Larry Weeks' accident

Message: [IAC-L:950] Larry Weeks' accident

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From: Peter Chapman <pchapman at>

Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 00:15:39 UTC


As you've heard from Francois Bougie and Karen Diamond, Larry Weeks died on
Saturday the 13th in a non-aerobatic aircraft accident in Ontario.

The RV-6 was built by someone else. Officially, engine trouble is about all
that seems to be said. As I heard it, the engine didn't quit on takeoff, but
must have in some way been running poorly not long thereafter. Larry was
attempting to bring the aircraft around to another runway, but stalled or
spun in.  Post-accident news video shows the aircraft laying basically
intact, but with the engine compartment bent downward into the dirt of a
field, and leading edges of the wings were crushed from one tip to the other
(The latter was not absolutely clear on video and can be debated.)

Larry, reported as 50 years old, and with 3500 flight hours, had been a long
time flight  aerobatic flight instructor. His 'day job' was as lead trumpet
in the Toronto Symphony. He was also the president of the southern Ontario
chapter of Aerobatics Canada, playing a key role in keeping it active over
the last 10 years. Recently he had started instructing in aerobatics again,
having put together a school with a Decathlon, plus a Fleet Canuck for
taildragger training. 

For those in the area, I have been told that the service for Larry will be
held at 2pm on Wednesday 17th, at the Dublin St. United Church, at the
intersection of Dublin & Suffolk, in Guelph, Ontario. I don't have full
information on visitation, but it is at the Wall Custance (?spelling)
funeral home, 206 Norfolk, also in Guelph. 

Six years ago another Ontario aerobatic pilot was also killed after engine
trouble early in the first flight of a homebuilt. It's a tough situation for
any pilot to be in...

The information here is not official, but is gathered from news reports, my
knowledge from being a member of the aerobatics chapter for the last decade,
and a talk with Al Hauff, who is involved in handling the situation. 
Peter Chapman
Toronto, ON


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